Metropolitan arrest correlation is exposed to "Thunder" Sindgard is forced to clarify

On Monday, the media once broke out, and the “Thunder God” Nova Sindgard (NOAH SYNDERGAARD), which was played in New York, was arguing with the coach and general manager. Schindgard is in the last Sunday, the team arranges yourself with another Catcher Wilson Ramos partner.

On Tuesday, Schindgard said to reporters
that these fierce dialogues do not exist. Schindgard said that on this dialogue, both sides are very frank and is a “adult level” dialogue.

Referring to Ramos, Sindgard also expressed his thumbs up to him: “I respect him very respectful, such a thing will not affect the relationship between us. He is very trying to match every day, I am to him Have the highest tribute. I just had a very open conversation with the management of the head coach and the team. “

Sindgard and partner Thomas Nito

Sindgard and partner Thomas Nito

In 18 games with Ramos partners, Sindgard’s defense rate was 5.09, which was 2.45 in 10 games with Thomas Nido partners. The significant difference in data makes the outside world more guess between the dialogue between Sundgard and management.

In 28 games in the first season, Schindgard’s defense rate has been up to 4.06, which also makes his name appear in the list of players that may be traded.

Schindgard is currently said that he doesn’t care if he will contact him: “I am willing to bear all the responsibility. I just want to find the answer to the question, why do you face different cathers? The difference in its own performance is so big. This (different catcher) may be a factor. The relationship between the arrest and pitcher may be very important. “

After 2021, Schindgard will become a free player. Ramos signed a contract with the team for two years and worth $ 19 million.

Rodi Fanvan, General Manager of Metropolitan

Rodi Fanvan, General Manager of Metropolitan

Brodi Fanwargen, general manager of the team, said he respected Schindgard to express his feelings: “We listened to what he wanted, and he also understood the process of making a decision. We will do every day. Adjustment, make sure that we have achieved victory. “


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