MLB-10 daily audio streamway VS national life and death warrior who can laugh at the end

Beijing time October 10, 8:37, Los Angeles Daochu will return to the home Dodge Stadium to fight Washington’s nationals, this is the fifth battle of the National Bank of China Partition (NLDS). Will live live on this game, welcome fans to watch.

Battle review

The national season has been plagued by the team’s weak cowshed, although because the team’s round value is excellent, the cowshed only a large number of 500.2 bureaus, but they sent the second poor self-blame rate, cattle The shed is quite struggling. The outer cassette Chinese people have hit the winemaker with the key to Juan Soto, but because the team’s cowshed is really difficult, the team has to use the three giants of the round value in some games. And the team also successfully dragged the game in the fifth life battle.

Dodge and the national playoffs are completely different. It is used in the Dodge season. It is also the case of the conventional 4-person round value, and it does not let the team go to the board from the cowshed. This makes the team in the fifth life and death. With more choices. However, the strike status of the Dodge season is not ideal. The performance of the cowshed is not satisfactory, and the four https://www.mlbboutique2.combattles will take two wins, and the Dodge wants to get the feat of the world contest for three consecutive years. Defeat the nationals.

Game point

The first four games in both sides have been 2 to 2 flat. The players of both sides are also quite, and this is a game that is going home, so this game has a great test of both sides.

The national season’s cowshed is extremely bad. It is good to eat the next number in the outer card. It also proves that the team’s conventional cow shed is reliable, but to Patrick-Science The use of Erbin has also caused considerable controversy, and I don’t know how much Corbin and Xie Zer can contribute to the team in this critical fifth battle.

Dodge will not only make a pitcher, but also a lot of pitcher can be used by the team, so the team has to put the excellent pitcher of the Yutian Jian, Hu Ri-Uliaz, and the team is also The conventional four-person round value used, this life and death battle, meditating, although there is no first, but it will also take the number of days, which is quite good for Dodge.

First firing

The national first pitcher: Stephen Strasberg (regular competition record 18-6, self-blade rate 3.32, 1 point of the playoffs 9)

Dodge First Pointer: Walker – Subsidiary Recommendation 14-4, self-sharing rate 3.26, https://www.mlbdrakterno.complayoff 6 games 0 points)

The national event will send Strasberg first, Strasberg is very good in the season of the season, and the outer card has been cast from the cowshed 3 games. There is no drop, and success is preserved for the team. Victory’s fire, the second session of the division is one point, send ten three vibrations, and help the team to win. Colb Jle only took two days to force from the cow shed, and 35 goals but only solved the two players. The status of his game is still a big question mark. Xie Zer’s fourth game has just helped the team to win. This game should not be played, which means that this game can only rely on Strasberg and the team’s conventional bokeh Shawn – Du Le and Daniel – Hudson’s performance is extremely high.

Dodge has sent a first battle in 1985 Fernando – Valenzon, 1985, in the first game. Zhen Zhen was only hitting a place, helping the team to open the door. The second grade Bremen is still wonderful, and the tri-vibration capacity is already the top level of the alliance. Fortunately, the pressure of Billet is a lot of small Berg, because he has Kezim him support, once the chaos may be decisive, after all, this is a lost home. The heavy competition.


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