MLB-34 years old, Murphy will join Rocky 2 years contract worth $ 24 million

On December 21st, on December 21, according to the Joint official website, the free player is about 34-year-old Daniel Murphy will be a $ 24 million contract with the
Colorado Kiki. Rocky has not yet announced this news.

The Murphy Performance in New York in the next season is exceptionally excellent. In the National Union Partition Series and the National Union final, Murphy has played a 7-year-old horn, which boosted all the way to the World Series in the case of not optimistic, and he also won the most valuable player of the National Federation. The title. Since then, he has begun to know the fans as a reputation.

In 2016, Murphy signed the Washington National. This season he played the best results, contributing 47 seconds. The second base and 25 projectors, the attack index is as high as 0.985. The most valuable players after the end of the season, the ranked runner-up, second only to Chicago Cabin Team Chris Bryant.

In 2017, his attack index slightly fell, but he still maintains a high level of high levels, and he also selected the national unique star lineup.

Before the 2018 season opened season, the contract year Murphy accepted the lack of the microflow surgery of the right knee for more than two months. After the injury, his performance is not satisfactory, but as he retrieved, he still handed a score of the strikes of the Three Schemes 0.299 / 0.336 / 0.454 and 12. In August, he was traded by the Washington National Transaction to Chicago Bear. He also participated in the National United King Season.

Most time in Murphy’s career is in the second base, but he is likely to bear the defensive duties of the first base in Rocky. The original Based on the Basebright, McMima, may move the second base. Ian Day, a $ 70 million contract, may have to go to the field of 5 years.

Murphy career is not all right bases. In 2009, his main gaze position was a base, 2016 and 2018 he also guarded a base. In the 2009 season, he was very good at the first base, but ten years have passed the defensive skill in the first base, and there have been many contenders.

His overall defensive ability has fallen to the alliance average since the 2015 season, with the increase of age, Murphy’s decline is inevitable. If Murphy’s defense is really sluggling, Rocky will take him to the field like Dasmon, and use his offensive firepower as much as possible.

Talking about the blow, this is Murphy’s signboard weapon. He will join the strike lineup of Nolan Arenado, Charlion Blackmon, Trevor Story and David DAHL. Let all national contributions feel like a pitcher.

The next season’s head coach Bad Black will hurry the last chance of Arrecain to become the free player, and take a higher goal on the basis of the 2018 season’s existing personnel architecture. Murphy is an vacancy that added to the rocky strike firepower.

The attack efficiency of the Rocky, the first season is not good, and the team ranks 13th in the country’s offensive index, only 0.719. According to the related data of another data website, the offensive of Rocky is the bottom of the alliance.

Considering that the powerful lines of the National Bank of China partitioned Syrochi were blocked by Milwaukee brewing people, Murphy’s arrival will bring valuable playoffs experience. The hit three surrounded by his career playoffs reached 0.309 / 0.398 / 0.588, which is a veritable big scene. At a critical moment, he may help Luoji one arm.


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