MLB-9 branches 2 out of the gun reverse the bears 5-1 Dodge end 2

On June 16, Beijing time, the 2019 season MLB American Professional Baseball Union Competition continued. Los Angeles Daoqi spends the Chicago Bear at home. Two days in front of the series have achieved victory. Today, both sides have a very exciting performance, and the 7 bureaus is only played 2 security, and the Dodge has been leading to the 9th game with Vivour’s Yangchun. However, the bear is overchatrifted in the 9th game, with a two-point gun, and the final will win the road in 2 to 1, and avoid being able to win by the opponent.

[Data Highlight]

The bear’s first pitcher reached the main investment 7.0 bureau was hitting 2 security points, and he lost 10 sputum. In terms of work, there is a 3rd amp on the audience, and there is a 2-point gun.

Dodge first pitcher Walker-Bille’s main investment 7.0, was hitting 2 security hits without a drop, sent 6 three vibration, the self-sharing rate is 3.06. In terms of work, the Dodge game has played 5 security games, and Viduo played a river spring gun.

[Competition score]

The https://www.trikotskaufenn.comsecond half of the 4 bureau, Viduo played a 459-foot home run and took the lead in achieving lead.

In the middle of the 9 bureau, Bryant was sent to the first base in the pitcher. Subsequently, he revenge him, and a two-unit gun directly took the other party’s Terminator Jensen into a failure.

[Two sides starting]

Chicago Bear: First Bar Left Foreign Wild Handle – Schwabe, Second Based 3rord Hand Lende – Bryant, Third Stick Anthony – Rezo, Fourth Battle Harm Harvey – Bayz , The fifth rod in the field, the wilder, the Sen-Black Ward, the sixth rod catcher Victor-Calanti, the seventh stick right outside the country Carlos – Gonzalez, the eighth stick Demun, the ninth stick Endisen – Russell

Los Angeles Daoqi: First Bar Left Outfielder Chick – Pedson, Second Bar Sinowfield Alex – Vi Dugo, Third Bar Triassor Justin – Turner, Fourth Rave Rights Lin Jie, the fifth base 2rd, Max-Mangxi, the sixth stick Ens, the ninth stick first hairpinner Walker

[Next prospect]

On June 17, Beijing time, the two teams will compete for the last competition. The bear is expected to send Jose – Jinsaa first, currently his 4 wins and 6 defeat, the self-sharing rate is 3.89. Dodge is expected to send Liu Xianzhen, and at present, he is 9 wins and 1 defeat, and the self-sharing rate is 1.36.


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