MLB-Cabin team pitcher fire burning 10-13 is defeated in the wineman

On April 6, Beijing time, the Milwaukee Wine team met the enemy Chicago Cough Team in the Miller Stadium, which is the first place in the first series of war this season. The pitcher Jin Taka opened the army, and the three games have fallen 8 points. The 4th game of the bear wart will start to send 5 points, but the bear team will make a fire to 5:10, although the line continues to be bravery. The bear team eventually defeated the wineman in 10-13.

[Data Highlight]

Bear Tesscasa 5 Total 2 Score 3 Anwing 3 Totto and a Home Based, Hayward 3 Tit 2 Score 1 Anwind 2 Totto and a Home Based, Wine Scene Team Braun 5 Tit 1 Score 2 Anate 4 tits and 1 strokes.

The Bear Team first sent a pitcher Jin Tanna 3 game 8 security 3 to save 3 ribs lost 8 points.

The wineman team first sent a pitcher Wood Rapf vote 4 games 6 Anchick 2 to keep 8 three vibrations lost 4 points.

[Competition process]

In the middle of the first game, although the bear team Sprister hit the play, the three players were out of the bureau for three consecutive bureaus, and failed to build a tree.

In the second half of the first bureau, the first ball of the bear team first pitched Jintana was hit by the winemaker Kane, and Kane immediately stolen the second base. Baseball, I got the first minute, Braun hit the hit to send Yelic to the home base, and he also went to the second base because Hayward was arrived.

The second half of the second bureau: Jin Tanner status is still unstable, and after being hit by Asia, he will continue Wood Rou and Kane, and https://www.mlbdrakterno.comthere is also a population, Jeregi’s hit to the Assya score, wilder choice Kane went out of the second base, Wood Rolph went to the top, and then Braun’s home run got 3 points.

The second half of the third game: Jinsa was hit by Perez and Gran Dolue out of the backrest.

In the middle of the fourth game, the bear Shuwaibo hit the play, and Kanditreras hit the 3-point player because of the hit of the ball. The wineman team first pitched Woodrf and the four bad balls were guaranteed by Hayward. He was sent to the home score by Chris Bryant’s second base.

The second half of the 5th: The first firing of both sides has been replaced, and the Jinshenna cast a 76-ball, Wood Rus Veted 88 goals. The pitcher of the winemaker is replaced by Chaus Anderson, was hit by the Yangchilda team. The bear team will pull the score again in 5: 8 behind the wineman.

The second half of the 5th Bureau: The bear team trunks Brake was hit by Graniro out of the place, replacing this season’s self-excitement https://www.maillotspascherfr.comrate 45 Xiaokal-Edwards, the result was hit by Econia 2 The split by the guns, Brake’s self-blade is from 0 to 2.25, but after the two out of the bureau, they actually let their self-blame points down to 32.40.

The second half of the seventh place: the trumpet team replaced the truncated pitcher, Jinsler continued to fire, after being hit by Perez and Ericia, was hit by 3 out of the 3holders. At this time, the overall self-population of the cow shed of the bear team is 8.86.

The first half of the 8th game: The bear team Descase once again hit the play, Hayward 2 points.

The first half of the 9th game: Brian specially hits, in Tzu tentaby, Amola Anju, Schwaibo and Kalatie rolling the earth, the bear team continues to get 3 points. But still returning to the lack of weakness at 10:13, is lost from the winemaker.

[ Two sides starting]

Chicago Wolves Team:

First stick right outer wild handbook – Zabrister

Second stick, three base, Chris Bryant

Third stick, Anthony, Rizo

Fourth stick guerrilla Haville – Bayz

Fifth rod left outer wilder Kyle Schubo

Sixth Capture Wilsen – Conitreras

The seventh stick Barn, Daniel, Descasy

Eighth Battar Sinofield Jason – Hayward

Ninth, first-handed pitcher Jose – Jintana

Milwaukee Sprong Team:

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Lorenzo – Kane

Second Bar Right Outer Wilder Cristian – Yalege

Third rod left outer wilder Len – Braun

Fourth stick, Hesus, Agah

Fifth base 3rd base Mike – Mustas

Sixth sticks Ernam – Perez

Seventh stick, ASman, Graniro

Eighth Battle Orance – Assia

Ninth, first-handed hand, Brandon-Woodrf

[Next prospect]

The two teams
will expand the second game of the series, the first pitcher of the Bear team and the winemaker team is Hames.


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