MLB-center rods continue to send the national guest win Shuangcheng to be held in the country

On September 13, Beijing time, Minnesota Shuangcheng is on the main station of the target stadium, in order to fight the National Association’s Washington. Double city first pitched Gibson took a short battle after August 30. Today, he re-appeared, but the performance is general, and the 4.2 game lost 6 points. In the fifth and sixth games, the national is killed in one fell swoop, and the double city missed the 8th game. In the end, the national will overcome the double city on the road 12-6, and the national will continue to rantern.

[Data Highlight]

In terms of the national, Lennden and Soto are 2 points for 2 points. 2 points, Kabrera 2, 2 points, Eaton 2, Safety. Shuangcheng, Sku 3 is played 2 points, and Cruz 2 is played 2 points.

[Competition process]

In the first place, Turner and Eaton have been out; the third stick Lun Deng debut, slam a spring gun, season 33 of the season, send the national first place to attack the score, 1-0; Lennden The recent performance exception is excellent. In the past 15 games knocked out 22 security, the hit rate reached. 407, 4 of these collections played 12 points, and he also got 17 points, the orthographic rate. 515, the length rate is high .741

The second half of the first bureau, A beer’s second stick hits the second base to play, Rosario immediately returned to teammates, and the Shuangcheng quickly slammed the score, 1-1.

In the third bureau, Turner’s first stick hit the second set of open bureaus, Eaton and Lunden were also at the base, no one out of office. Subsequently, Sodo and Kabrera were some points, and they got 2 points for the national, and the national achieved score, 3-1.

In the third bureau, Cruz was sent, and the Yangchun cannon made a score close to 3-2, which was his 36th project of this season.

In the middle of the fifth game, Eaton’s first battled hit Yangchun cannon, the 14th project of the season, the national continued to divide, 4-2; then Lun Dendenders sent the barrier, Sodo rolls caused the second base runner Blocking; KFRK was slammed by Sentunts, Kabrera’s right weaving, and Soto ran back from the first base, and the national will pull a difference to 3 points, 5-2. At this time, Double City replaced pitcher, Gibson was resended, and the 4.2 game was lost in 8 points and lost 5 points. As a result, the captured hand is sealed and sent 1 point, 6-2.

In the second half of the fifth situation, Jiafu took the second game and opened the bureau. Cruz then told again, and the first base was able to send returnees, and the Shuangcheng continued to be collected, 6-3.

In the upper half of the sixth game, Robleto’s second base is placed on the station. Turner is guaranteed, and Eaton is divided by Senang. When the national two runners completed the two-pirate base, then Lunneden and then knocked the second base to send back 2 The national trend is unstoppable, 8-3. Then, Sodo has brought two points, the score became 10-3, and the Shuangcheng Union had a 4-point disappearance.

In the second half of the seventh place, Colibin completed the pitching work to rest, this is over 6.0 bureaus and lost 3 points, and the three times are not guaranteed, and winning candidates are obtained.

In the second half of the eighth game, Asatti is selected to the four bad balls, then Sku put out two-point gun, the 22nd volume of the season, the twelfth city, hit 2 points, 10-5. Sku and Torrey are hitting, Raar is guaranteed, and Wade is 1 point, 10-6; With Castro, you will be full, and the double city is flattering. The strike, the result is that Cruz and Polish Shu are shipped in the sky, and the Shuangcheng wasts the runner.

In the first half of the ninth game, Roblet was checked by the ball, Gomez bombarded two points, 12-6, and the national stable coupon.

In the second half of the ninth bureau, the Shuangcheng did not do too much resistance, and the three-three under the three games were completed.

[Two sides starting]

Washington National Team:

Tre-Terna guerrilla

2. Adam – Eaton right wilder

3. Anthony – Lunden 3rd

4. Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

5. Hayi – KFRK designated hits

6. Kabrera

7. Brian – Dozale

8. Victor – Robleton

9. Yang-Gomez catcher

Patrick-Corbin Pitcher

Minnesota Double City:

1. Mickey – Gascher Catcher

2. Louis – Arce’s left outer wilder

3. Nernse – Kruz designated hits

4. Eddie – Rosario Right Wilder


6. Williams – Astotti 3rd base

7. Jonathan Sku 2rd

8. Torrees guerrilla

9. Ryan-Ramar Chinese and foreign wilder

Kelly Gibson Pitcher

[Next prospect]

After the two teams ended the series, the nationals will return to Washington home to meet the Challenge of Atlanta Warriors. This game will send a trump Max-Xie Zer, 10 wins 5 wins this season, 5 losses 2.56. In the past two games, Xie Zer has been completed by 6 games. After a total of 5 points, Xie Zul is said to be a good time after the cowshed, and Xie Zer is actively recovering, and it will return to the horizontal before the injury as soon as possible. .

Double city takes to Cleveland and challenge Indians. This game Jack-Odori will debut first, 14 wins and 6 losses 3.60 self-signs, 10 times in the past 11 times, he is only lost 3 points or less, the last face The Indians 5.1 sends 10 three vibrations.


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