MLB – Harper + McCachen doubles!Philadelphians 5-1 Dasheng Warrior

On April 1st, April 1st, the American Warrior, Atlanta Warriors, the third game of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphie sent 9 guarantees in the Warriors pitcher, relying on Harper with McCachen.The home base is relaxed.Arreda also pressed the opponent’s stroke, and the final Philini swept the Warrior with 5: 1.

Harper again (data map)

Harper again (data map)

Data highlight:

Warrior: Fremman 2 play 1 placement 2 guaranteed, Akunia 3 play 1 placement 1 guaranteed

Philadelphie Team: Hoskins 3 times to keep 1 score 1 point, Harper 3 play 2 hits 1 home run 2 guaranteed, McCachen 3 play 1 home run 2 guaranteed, Arreda 6 Location lost 1 point 6 times

Competition review:

This game is the final battle of the Atlanta Warriors to challenge the Philadelphia Philadelphians. The Warriors of the Two-in-One Dome sent a first round of the first round of the first round of Kyle Wright, Kyle Wright, a Jack Arrieta, a Jack Arrieta. Wright has always been a lot of potential, this Van Tebmerdea’s ace pitcher has entered the profession, and it has been successfully upgraded since the career. It took only more than a year, and it was the highest level. It can be seen that its strength and the collector. Aliega Although the tale is no longer the king card that will win the competition, the pressure is still full.

In the second half of the game, the landlord team Philadelir quickly became an offensive. After two out of the game, Lite suddenly encountered a chaotic flow, and the Bryce Harper, Rhys Hoskins. And JTREALMUTO, three people form a full base, fortunately, he timely fetches, and the three oscillated Odubel Herrera power is not lost.

The next half will change the Arieta to struggle. After the bureau, Ozzie Albies hit the patron and stolen the second base. It was better to hit the pitcher, and then let the Ender Inciart be out of the second base rolled out after the smoothness of the Ender Inciart.

The first part of the audience arrived in the next game, in the upper half of the three games, one or three bases have a runner, at this time, the Arrealmuto will have a little mistake on JTREALMUTO, resulting in an emergence. Once, Josh Donaldson, the three bases, and the Warriors took the lead. However, the landlord has not lost for a long time, because the next half of the game, the top country of the winning party, the most valuable player Andrew McCutchen, launched the Middle and Right Foreign Direction of Lite. It is a flattening home run!

In the second half of the five games, after free two players plus a traverse, Leit has ended his first first first experience. However, the replacement of Max Fried has also been sent to the guaranteed, and the homology is full of Hoskins, and Rymo is replenished with a high-flying sacrifice of the right field. The end of the five games is that the Philadelphron is 3: 1 lead.

The Arreda also returned after the Sixth Bureau was over. Today, the Arienated 6 lanes lost 1 point and 6 times, and the beauty of the beauty was also sent 6 four-bad balls.

In the second half of the seven game, after Harper hit the second home base, the next shreddened second goal, the warrior, the speed of the Warriors, the speed of the Shane Carle, directly hit Hoskins. Body, being expelled by the main trial! The Warriors who can’t prevent the pitcher are temporarily sent by Luke Jackson, and the opportunity Philadelphia is a battle. It is also two security to return, and the seventh game ends, the leading leader of Philadelow. At
5: 1, this score was also maintained until the end, the Philadelphians laughed at this victory.

Both parties:

Atlanta Warrior

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Endel – due to Ender InciRTE

The second stick of three bases, Josh Donaldson

Third stick, Based, Freddy, FREDIE,

The fourth stick left outer wilder Lord Ronald Acuna Jr.

The fifth rod right wilder Nick – Nick Markakis

Sixth Bar 2Ser 兹 兹 a a

Seventh stick Catcher Brian McCann

Eighth Battleman Dansby – Swansen (Dansby Swanson)

Ninth stick Kyle, Kyle Wright

Los Angeles Daoqi

First stick left outer wilder Andrew – McCutchen

Second Bar Guer Joan – Segula (Jean Segura)

Third rod right wilder Bryce Harper

Fourth stick, RES-Hoskins, Rhys Hoskins

Fifth stick, JT-Ryormo (J.T.Realmuto)

Sixth Bar Sinovo – Odubel Herrera

The seventh sticks Two bases, Cesar Hernandez

Eighth Bar Tablet Michael – Franco (Maikel Franco)

Ninth Pitcher Jack – Jake Arrieta

Looking tomorrow:

After the end of the series, the two teams move their respective to the next city. Atlanta Warriors will return to the home of the home for 2019, and the first firing is sent by Sean Newcomm.


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