MLB-Koke Successfully Continued Yosoi Harper Matrix becomes the biggest brand of free market

On November 4th, Beijing time, after the Los Angeles Taoji Skin Corres, Khako, Sands 3 years, 93 million US dollars, including Washington National Superstar Outfield, Black Les, Harper, New World Champion The seven contracts expired by the Terminator of Boston Red Socks During the Dynasty, the stars of the 7 contracts of the respective Old East’s house have been received.

Other counseling of eligibility quotes also include Left-Punk Paltrick-Corbin (Arizona Rattlesnake) Dallas – Kahl (Houston Space) and Liu Xianzhen (Dodge), Outfield AJ-Pollock (Rattles) and Catcher Stani Granadar (Dodge).

The so-called “eligibility quotation” is a one-year contract, 17.9 million this number, is from https://www.mlbboutique2.comthe top 125 high salary players in the top of the large group (last season is 17.4 million). After the team gave the team, the team raised this offer if the player refused, the future in this player turned into the team in the free
market, the old Dong family was eligible to receive a draft as a compensation, corresponding, player New Eastern people will lose a draft.

Only in the same team has been in the same team, and the career has not received a player who has received the qualification quotation before, it can be eligible quotation, so the star guerrilla Manni-Mathando (the trip to the season) and the three bases Hand Yosh-Donaldon (Midway Cleveland Indians) is not eligible to receive qualification quotes. This year’s day off, the players need to decide whether to accept this price before November 13, Beijing.

Since the rule of the qualification quotation in 2012, only 5 people received the quoted players have chosen acceptance.

At the same time, the Chicago Cabin team implemented Zuoshual Pioneer-Hamels’s $ 20 million team options, the https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comlatter showed excellent in the Catholic cavalry from Texas, 12 times 4 wins and 3 negative 2.36 self-blame rates. At the time of the transaction, the bears sent the same Drew Smeli, who was Zuo, sent to Texas and handled his $ 7 million. And if the bears do not perform Hames’s options, the visitors will pay to Hames 6 million dollars.

Ke Xiao is two years left in the original seven-year contract, and chooses to jump out of the contract. If he does not jump out of the contract, his salary in the 2019 season is 32 million, and 2020 is 33 million. Now he chose to jump out, including 23 million signature fees, averaged to three years. There are still 4 million performance bonuses in the contract – if he will send 24, 26, 28, 30 times in the single season, can receive 1 million. If he seizes the national league prize, he can get $ 1. 5 million, get the second or third place, it will receive 500,000.

The 31-year-old Kox Xiao said in an interview that many people think that his career is already going downhill, and he is a big idea to prove that the idea of ??these people is wrong. “I really want to stay in Dodge. Every year, we are all championships, this is very difficult.” He has been in the past 11 years of career.

The ideal case of the big-name free players must be a long, but considering that the teams recently become more and more attention to the gains and gains of the show, like Liu Xianzhen and the player of Granda, if the qualification offer, The free market may not receive the expected contract, so they may consider accepting qualification quotes.

So now in the free market, the biggest card star is undoubtedly Harper and Macha. However, Machado hits only. 227, running is not active in the playoffs, and it has been fined if it is intentionally mixed with the other party. These factors may have hesitated with his potential New east.

The stars in other contracts also include the right Pioneer Dynony – Jaarti and Charlie – Morton, Zuo Dou first ja-Hap and CC-Sabsia, cow shed Pitcher Zach, Briton, Andrew – Miller, David Robertson and Jeuses-Farmia, Wilder Michael Blanteley, Stateng Mike – Musakas, Wilderman Denie – Murphy – Cruz and Wanjin Oil Musk – Gonzalez.

In addition, three players immediately signed new approximation with the old east after the contract, including St. Louis Purchase, the right to Poett, New York, New York, New York, New York Na and Dodge Inland David – Fris.

The Indian team is willing to renewart with Brantley, General Manager Chris Antaney
is full of praise to Brandee. But in the end, the team still believes that it is too risky to give him the qualification offer.


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