MLB-Mathado foot hook Aguolagur Battle Belllinjan slightly smashed and nickname

On October 17, Beijing time, the MLB National Federation Championship was held in the fourth game. Los Angeles Dao Qiji is home to Belinjan again to see the 2-1 victory win Samwaukee wineman, and successfully equalize the series of games to 2-2. .

The winemaker first fell pitcher Gonzalez sprained ankle forced investment, and Perarta debutured fire was explained. Dodge Walch https://www.mlbboutique2.comMachabu is a small action to trigger a fight. The host of the poor, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer, the singer.

Gonzalez control ball has lost level Dolan to help the road

Rich-Hill is the first half of the first bureau to serve as a first-behaved pitcher, successively slamming the Lulenzo – Kane, blocked Christian – Yeliqi rolling ball and killed Lien Braun completed three three Down. Gio-Gonzalez is in the first half of the winemaker, and the four bad balls will be sent to Chris Taylor, and the ball is blocked Justin Turner, but let Taylor will be promoted to someone.

David Fritz was sent to the first and second fresses, Wu Yu, said that the ball is like a problem with the game, and the shifting ball does not dare to send it into a good ball. Manny Macro High Flying Balls were killed, good in Bryan Dochi, and pushed Thail to run back to the home, and the road is still one or two finals. Dozore’s 2nd points in the playoffs.

Ye Liqi picks up Glen Ernande to leave the residual bleeding, the winemaker is over the second game by Husas Aguilar, Mike Musa The high-speed ball was killed by Turner, Jonathan-Lupu was then subjected to the first and second bases, but unfortunately, Orlando-Assian high-speed ball was killed, so that the Dodic Hill did not drop .

Gonzalez ankle sprained replacement Pellata rescue fire

Gonzalez fell in the second half of the second half, in the face of the Ashiel Piger, participated in the defense, due to the left ankle accidental sprain passed the team, but due to pain, it was difficult to replace Freddy – Peralta. Dodge will make Yaheier Pig and Austine-Barnes, Hill and Taylor were resolved after Turner and was sent to the formation of four-bad balls.

Max-Mangsi debuted as Fritz, and Peralta successfully left a full base by Wu Hao. Silvemen’s third game was blocked due to Pellarta’s rolling balls, and Kane was subjected to Ye Liqi, and Braun did not push the package. Machado 3rd games raised, Doren was sent to Ernande Strike by four bad balls.

Dozil’s Pirates let Dodge have a point to have someone, but Ernande and Piger are left behind by Sanzhen, and the outer angle speed of Pelarta comes in the outer angle speed of Pelarta. It is very characteristic. Four three vibrations have been completed so far. Aguilar hopped in the fourth game and boarded the hometown, and the winemaker was sacrificed by Musakas by Senui and Luke

Hill Friends 翻 糖 果 盒马 查多 举手

Peralta was in the second half of the second half of the second half, and the ball was blocked by Hill and then repeatedly died That Thaler, the Niu Yin Yan introduced this is the 6K, which is Pellarta gets on the game, at the same time The winemaker completes the first three three. Taylor is clearly questionable, and Wu Hao is ridiculed.

Pienia’s 5th game was taken out by Hill Sanxue, Agia knocked out and was played by Domango-Santana, and the Santana was knocked out of the second base to make Assia ran back home, wine. When people chase 1-1, after the Kane’s rolling ball was blocked, Ye Liqi left a second base
restriction after being out of the world, and Niu Yin Yan introduced this is the 6K of Hill.

Hill screamed for a coming teammate because of the crowded low-level mistakes, and is not angry. The winemaker selection for the second half of the 5th game to change the Krin – Barnes, causing the ball to block Mangsi and Zhenchanta and Macchaes. Machado raised his hand to apply for a suspension but was rejected by the main trial. Wu Hao Lei was suspected that Barnes had made half of the pool.

Barnes lost 中 多 道 道 半 半 半 半 三 三 三 三

Dodge was selected in the 6th game, half of the Pedro-Bayz, but was knocked out by Braun’s broken stick, so in San Zhen Aguilar and killed Musakas high-speed ball, and then Three vibrates Luke is successful. Wu Hao, I praised that Irsi Zez was stable in the playoffs. Unlike the predecessor for cowshed pitcher, it is always a fire, and the second half of the winemaker will return to Baths.

However, Barnes lost the ball unexpectedly smashed to Duzir shoulder, killing the replacement of the Codi – Berlinjan, rubbed the baseball rebound, the main trial, three vibrates back to Barnes Solid strike, Dora Deserve success by the cracked Pi?a killed the pirate. Dodge has chosen to change his head in the second half of the 7th game.

Ma Tian Jian is also being knocked out of the high-speed ball by Assia, three people are guarded to grab the killing and chance, and the Daoqi changed the Carrib – Fernson was knocked out the high-flying ball to kill the high-flying ball, but let Pieni Asia promoted to the third base. Dodge Book of Ben, changed to Dillen – Flore, good to send Kane out through the ground, Wu Hao, who left the villain to leave the resort in the style.

Ye Liqi flies into the wall into the auditorium mad and kills the fans.

The winemaker is changed in the lower half of the 7th game, and it is a hopping by Barnes, and the cattle and silver will take the initiative to let the cowshed on the phone. Dodge played Qaque Pederson knocked out the high-speed ball was killed, Taylor waves fell by Senui and Turner’s high flying balls to be killed by Yeliqi, Yelley’s wonderful crucial is to fell into the audience.

Dodge replaced the pitcher in the 8th game Rui’an Madenson, although he was hit by Yeliqi, but successively resolved Braun and Aguilar, Musticas is also a high-speed ball being killed. Restriction. Wu Hao Lei’s straightforward games entered the stage of white heat, once the scheduling is too late, it may cause the conversation, and the winemaker continues to choose to change the pitcher as the second half.

Mangxi faces Blackde for Dodge knockout, Machado was knocked out of the high flying world after San Zhen, and the winemaker had a foreign country, Ye Liqi’s long legs all the way, suspected of being out of the fans. Interference but no change. Dozer knocks out to run the canned bag, Mangxi shocked the second base, challenged the preparation but failed, Berlinjan and then push the Tao to form a third base.

Bellin Jie Xiuyu Yue Sliding Killing Maxo Decoction

Matt-Camp depends on the spot by Head to resolve the restriction, Wu Hao Lei Directology, Qi Qi, the sluggish is due to the suppression of the winemaker’s new and old combination, and the Niu Yinyi praised the most trust of the main coach. pitcher. Dodge is on the 9th game, and the Jensen, the Niu Yinyi introduced the list of injuries because of the arrhythmia, Jensen first passed through the ground.

Pienia was sent by Ernam – Perez on the ground by four bad balls, and the Asia’s rolling ball was blocked, but Peret was promoted to the second base, and Tel Avis-Xiao was stayed by Jensen San Zhen The lower abstraction was watched by Wu Hao. Sprinkler’s 9th Council underground Solitary Transport Karbell, blocked Barnesi rolling ball and San Zhenpedeson.

Taylor was brought to Bell in Knele, but unfortunately, Turner was resolved. Kane was killed by Baylinji fish in the 10th Council, and Ye Liqi went out to Braun, and pushed to the second base. Unfortunately, Aguilar was left to leave a restriction. . The winemaker is investigated in the 10th game, and the first is the first of all the Successions.

Dodge 4th stick horse is broken, but the running bar is a foot hook, a hike, a hook, a hook, and it has caused each other with Spanish to fight each other, and even because of emotional failure Gathering, good to separate two people to avoid quarrel upgrades in time. Niu Yin Yan’s straightforward horse is very difficult to say is a no heart, deliberately staring at each other when running.

Belin Jie naked goodbye to the victory victory, Macha, rushed to the base

Dodge 11th game to change the pitcher Alex – Wood, pass the ground to block Musakas and Luke, three vibrant Eric Claid, the 12th game, the upper half again change to Dai Lan-Ep Luoculo successfully prepared, the 13th game, half replacement pitcher Hulio – Urias, Niu Yinxiao released its wear goggles because the eyes long tumor have been operated, and the results were knocked out of the hometown of Braun.

Uilias San Zhen Mustakas did not drop, and the lower half of the Dodge, the lower half of Macha, took out the homework, using the Gran Strain error to the second base, Beilinjie knocked out to help Muita Run back home, lock the score to 2-1 dancing people and rewrite the winners to 2-2, the cattle and silver 昊 reset can be 5 hours and 27 minutes, the motive time value is not worth it.


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