MLB-Sano, then see the home base, the main scene of the Shuangcheng, the warrior series first

On August 6th, Beijing time, the US duty wander has ended a cross-cluster, and the Atlanta Warriors are challenged the Shuangcheng City. I have been playing a pitcher in both sides. I have got high-quality first, war to the short half of the nine bureaus. When the two out of the game, the double city played the three bases, the Sano hit a goodbye to the forefront of the left. In the end, the Shuangcheng home 5-3 defeated the Warrior team, and first draw in this series.

Data highlight

Shuangcheng first pitched the Odori Six bureau lost 1 point, and he was knocked 5 security but also sent 7 three vibrations. In terms of hitting, the Shuangcheng all game hits 8 security, including one of the A bees contributed 2, Cople and Sano have a home run.

The Warriors first sent a pitcher seven games to play 6 helpments lost 3 points, but only 3 times. In terms of strike, Akania, Fremman and Donalson have contributed two security, including Fri Man hit a home run.

Game process

The first three games of the two parties, pitcher played very well, Sorroska made a complete match of nine, and Although Odori was even place, it was able to safely understand.

However, the fourth place in the second half of the wind, after the two games, Soroka first was broken by Cruz, and then knocked two times in the two more places to form a full base, A beer, a timely, the time, two people, double The host has achieved 2-0 leaders.

After the Warriors, the Warriors immediately took a color and five branches. Fritan hit a river spring gun, and chased the score to 1-2, but only one and a half bureau, Cople changed a spring gun. The five games ended, and the two sides became 3-1, and the double city leaded.

The Warriors slammed the score in the seventh game. The Odori, who was thrown 109, was replaced after the end of the six game, changed the cowshed pitcher Harper couldn’t suppress the Warriors’s line. After a series of play, the warrior hit 2 points, the two sides battle 3-3 flat.

The subsequent game is attributed to calm, and the two sides are not much, but after the second half of the ninth bureau, first Aby is playing, then Sano hits a home run, this is his personal season 19 Boom, that is, on this two homes, the double city finally defeated the opponent, first draws in this series.

Both sides

Minnesota Shuangcheng

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Max – Cape

Second Bar Hold Holhi – Polish

Third rod designated to attack Nelson – Cruz

The fourth stick left outer wilder Eddie – Rosario

Fifth stick, three bases, Ma Wen-Gonzalez

Sixth Bar Louis – Ay

The seventh stick, a base, Elere-Adriana

Eighth Bar Catcher Jason – Castro

Ninth Rod Right Outer Wildener Jack – Kev

First Potter Jack – Odori

Atlanta Warrior

First stick right wilder small Ronard – Akunia

Second Bar 2Sguro – Albes

Third rod, Base, Freddy – Freman

The fourth stick of three bases, Josh Donalson

Fifth stick arrested Brian McCain

Sixth rod left outer wilder Adam – Duwar

Seventh rod designated blow Matt – Joyce

Eighth Bar guerrillas John – Kamo

Ninth Bar Sinowfield Endel – Duecente

Next look

Tomorrow’s two teams will continue to start, the Warriors will send Virutiwiqich to come, Vfurtiwiqich has experienced a good season, and the split rate this season is up to 6.37, and he is once dropped to 3A This is the first battle from 3A. But in the past three games, he represented the Warriors Military League team Genergite whirlwish gear, the self-blame rate is as low as 1.13. Double city will send his ace pitcher Belius to play, and Bellos’s first-first hair is also facing the national boundary team. He also sent a seven games in the seven games in the game of arrays. The new high 11 times, only knocked two play, and one is inheritance.

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