MLB-single field bombards full of guns! Space Man’s Eve Reversive Sailor Help 7 Covenant

On April 13th, Beijing time, the 2019 season MLB American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance continued. Houston Spaces carries a strong momentum of 6 consecutive victories coming to the scene to challenge the best of the current Great Alliance’s best. Under the unfavorable situation of the lagoon of the opening of the game 0-3, the spaceman walked fully awakened, “small giants” Alt Tightian opened four games, today is the teammate Guriel Contribution 2 full of guns, established a lead Advantage, the finals will overcome the sailor at 10-6, and 7 consecutive victories.

Space man single 2 full gun

Space man single 2 full gun

[Data Highlight]

Spaceman first pitched Wade Meri Main investment 4.0 bureau was hit 6 security hits 3 points, sent 2 three vibrations, and the self-sharing rate is 3.45. In terms of work, the whole team played 16 security, Altuvi with Guriel has full of guns, contributing 4 points. Springer has a 2-point gun. Sailor First Punner Wade Le Brackkee 4.2 The bureau was hit 8 security to lose 2 points, sent 5 three vibrations, and the self-sharing rate is 4.50. In terms of work, the whole team played 9 security, Santana’s personal contribution 3 points.

[Competition process]

In the lower half of the 1st, Hanig was played with Santana, and Bruce was selected, and the sailor captured the base when they were out. Beckham knocked out the left of the left country, but the Santana, the second base did not rush. 1 At the end of the seater is leading 1-0.

The second half, and after 2 out of the game, Smith was played with Hanigi, and Santana will redeevers the crime, once again played the two teammates. Sailor 3-0 lead.

In the middle of the 3 game, the sailor immediately responded, Marisnik’s second base was hitting, “Spring brother” Springer played a 408-foot home run, this 2-point gun made the team will be disadvantaged Retreat to 1 point.

In the middle of the 6 games, Chrinos first played the second base to beat, and the Redkei and Springer were played in the inner wild. The first red balls of the “small giants” in 3 consecutive farewells have arrested the ball out of the wall. This is full of guns to make space people’s anti-ratio is 6-3.

In the second half of the 7 bureau, Gordon’s first base is hitting the building, and the advantage of his speed is the second base. The next stick Smith is leaning against the unsatisfied, and Gordon rushed back to the home base. Subsequently, Smith stolen the second base, leaning against the wilder and then ran back, the sailor chased the score to 5-6.

In the upper half of the 8 games, after the game, Alt Tuvi played anant, Branteli was connected to Coria. The sailor’s main coach selection allows the truncation of the big league to continue to shoot, but it was punished. Guriel also played a full range of guns, and the moment will be changed to 10-5.

9 bureaus, the sailor team captured inkphi played the sun spring gun, the sailor continued the record of 16 strikes in 16 consecutive games. However, in the end they failed to spread the score gap, the final ended 6-10.

[Two sides starting]

Houston Space: First stick specified to combat George – Springer, the second stick Bohi Jose – Altti, the third rod left field Michael Michael Blante, the fourth guerrillator Carlos – Corea, the fifth base 3rd base, Euli-Guirier, the sixth stick, a bar, That, White, Seventh, Capture, Robinson, Chrino, Eighth Right, Rights, Yos, Shandia, Ninth Bar Sinovies Wildah – Marisik

Seattle Sailor: First Bar Sinovie Wild Hand Malers – Smith, Second Bar Right Field Miki – Hanger, Third Bar Left Outfield Doom Do Migo – Santana, Fourth Radger Edwin – Enkani Ang, fifth rod designated hits Jay – Bruce, the sixth rider Tim – Beckham, the seventh stick three bases Leon – Xili, the eighth stick Tom – Murphy, the ninth stick Hand Di-Gordon

[Next prospect]

On April 14, Beijing time, the two teams will launch the second game of the series, and the space is expected to send Justin-Wandard. Both people have been a leader in the team. Nowadays, the Tigers who have passed the Tigers, and the “King” Ernand, I have long been there. See what sparks will be caused by the murry between the two former ACEs.


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