MLB2 Day Summary: Bear 11 Piece Radios Sailor Snake Series

On May 2nd, Beijing time, the US Professional Baseball Grand League conducted a total of 17 games, the results were as follows: Sports 3-7 socks, pirates 7-5 swimmingiers, Yangji 2-3 Route snake, bear 11-0 sailor,Sapphire 5-1 National, Tiger 3- 7 Philadelres, Indians 2-4 Marin Fish, Red People 1-0 Metropolitan, Priest 1-5 Warriors, Rocky 11-4 Wine, Space Man 2-6Double City, Dodge 1-2 Giants, Blue Bird 3-6 Angel.

Baltimo Gold March and Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay Royal Team and Kansas City Royal Square a day, the fruit is: Jinyu 5-4 white hose, Jinji 6-7 white hose, light 2-8 royalRoyal 2-3 Royal.

Auckland Sports Family 3-7 Boston Red Sox

Before this season, the 30-year-old truncated pitcher Makos Walden has been staying in the small alliance and has been traded many times. After the start of the season, Walden has been summoned twice, and he after this battle May not go back. He voted 3 games 1 to pick 3 three vibration 0 lost, helping the red socks overshadowed and completed the three series of war sweeping the sports team. He got 4-0 in 11 times, and the self-sharing rate of 1.65 was amazing.

Billy-Hamilton completed a wonderful flying officer in the game

Billy-Hamilton completed a wonderful flying officer in the game

Tampa Bay Runs 2-8 Kansas City Royal Family Tampa Bay Runs 2-3 Kansas City Royal Famband

This is the first day, the Royal Square has won the first day of the Taxiland Indians in September 2008. The first battle of the Second War, Sparkman is temporarily summoned from the small alliance, and it arrives at Kansas City at a little in the morning. His excellent performance (7 games 3 placement 0 lost) is not only his first victory, but also makes the royal bulldock to have a chance to rest.

Baltimo Gold Squad 5-4 Chicago White Sox Team Baltimo Golden Sixty Chicago White Six

The first firing of the white stockings team, Ivan Nova, this season was hit on the 6.2 bureau of the battle of the war, but other teams hit the home running of him. White socks have lost much to Alonso, you can draw in two games, not being swept.

Colorado Squad 11-4 Milwaukee Wine

The Loki team has previously lost 5 consecutive gains, and has only been 1 point for 36 consecutive games. The game has finally turned over, and the Miller Stadium wins the wineman team. This is the Roci Squad Since July 2011 (the Culs Stadium 12-4) has the highest score of the Warring Silver team, the most score in Miller Stadium is August 2001 (12-6).

San Diego priest team 1-5 Atlanta Warrior

The Warriors first sent a pitcher Flet’s scorpion and the curball very efficient, 7-game 7-zither lost 1 point. In the second half of the seventh place, Akunia played on the game, hit the play, and then Swansen’s 2 points consolidate the victory of the Warriors.

Cleveland https://www.mlbtrojerdk.comIndian Team 2-4 Miami Madolin

No matter how strong the other side, the Marin’s first pitcher Carrabi-Smith is a stopper, the 27-year-old Smith 7-game and terminated the 4-game defeat of Marinfish. The Ace of the Indians first brought the arm in the 5th game by Anderson’s flat-flying ball, and the injury needs further observation.

Cincinnati Red Cross Team 1-0 New York Most Team

Jose’s guerrillas of the Red Squad – Iglesias is just a backfunction, because Janet is injured in order to get the opportunity of daily first. In this game, he hit the Yangchun cannon from the Baden Team Diaz on the 9th Bureau, let the Red Squad have only 1 point in the audience, and therefore dangerously win the metropolitan team.

Houston Space Party 2-6 Minnesota Shuangcheng

The double city team first pitched Martin-Perez practiced a new tapukurus and played a huge force in the conventional competition. This game is a strong line of the space person, and the 8 bureau has not lost, and it is the first hair pitcher for the number of duistead.

Detroit Tigers 3-7 Philadelphia Philadelphia

The Philadelphia team has only 1 point and below in the past 9 games. This game, two rolls of the earth double kills, once a flat-fly ball double kill, and a player tried to go on the second base Strike. Franco finally hit the 3rd largest equity of the Qing Qian to go to the Philadelphie. Philadelphors finally overcome the tiger team at 7: 3, avoiding cross-alliance teams swept.

St. Louis Heroes 5-1 Washington National Team

Since the three weeks ago, the Red Picks Austrian single game 3 was played, he continued to copy this performance continuously. In this game, he hit two second bases from the national team’s king, Xie Zer, got the 29th point of the book, and robbed a high-flying quality of the national team Taylor.

New York Yangji team 2-3 Arizona Snake Team

Last season, the snake team lost a few generals, putting a base Paul Paul-Gord Schmidt, and first pitted Trik Corbin and the owner’s hand AJ Polan Become a free player. It is not easy (18 wins and 13 losses), so the attitude of the snake team is optimistic and cautious. This game first pitcher Kelly Bed in South Korea, 5.1 bureau only lost 1 point.

Pittsburgh Pirates 7-5 Texas Tour Cavalry

This game is that the pirates can hit the play when they are full of work in this season, and then they cannot be cleaned. After terminating the 8-game losing, the pirate team got 13 points in the Magadian team of the United States.

Los Angeles
Daoqi Team 1-2 San Francisco Giant Team

The first firing of the two sides showed a powerful pressure, the giant team Bonamana 6 games 8 three vibrations 2 guaranteed 4 hits only 1 point, the Dodge team first put a pitcher Liu Xianzhen 8 games 6 three vibration 0 guaranteed 4 play only 1 point . However, the second half of the 9th Bureau, Dodge Urias was played by the giant team Dukar and Para continuously hit the play. After changing the Baidz, he was hit by the giant team.

Toronto Blue Birds 3-6 Los Angeles Angel Team

The angel team Truite has been safely in a row of 28 consecutive games, setting a team history. Tuuri has at least 1 security in 20 games, 29 times, only 14 triple. The longest consecutive stage of the big league is 53 games in 1999 Delick-Kitt. Promethes can just be 2 points after the field, only 2 points can reach the sighted career 2000 points.

Chicago Winnabad 11-0 Seattle Sailor Team

At the end of the season, the bear team attacked weak haze and swept, the bear team swept the cross-League Team Seattle Sailor Team, and obtained the 13th victory of the past 17 events, and met the home-name St. Louis in the home season. The Red Pitch is ready. The first firing of Leicester 7 games were only hit by 1 支 打 0. At present, the 28 games of the cousabed team and the same district have been conducted, and the wineman is 1 win and 2 losses, 2 wins and 1 loss of pirates.


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