MLB30 Day 30 Team: Boston’s red stocking strength super group defending champion once again?

The MLB new season has been able to fight, in order to help new fans familiar with the status quo of all teams as soon as possible, launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, this is the defending champion Boston socks.

Team: Boston Red Socks

Partition: Meilai East District

World Competition Champion: 9 times

Last season, record: 108-54

Team Attack Index: 0.792 (Grand League 1st)

Team Score Rate: 3.75 (Grade 7)

Director: Alex Clari


In the year of the year, I’ve also replaced the United Affairs partition. The season’s early red socks did not only replace the new coach Alex Clari, and the importance of the soldier JD Martinens in the opening season. The tallest team. This “Golden Yuan Tun” broke all the alliance with anger and eager to sweeping alliances, and 19 madness in the top season of red socks, all-in-the-counter pre-establishment was completed, sitting in historical level attack fire and robustness First, people think that red socks will break the number of seasons of the sailor. After the all-star game, Muki-Bates and Chris Sel’s injury once makes them slow down, but 108 wins and 64 negative successful team history regular competitions, and the team’s fourth degree reached “Bai Sheng season “.

After entering the playoff, I first encountered a hundred years of enemy team. After the first battle was stolen by Yangji, the third battle was simple and thick and rude with gunfire. The big score 3-1 passed; In the final game, the defending champion was encountered. The first battle of space people walked to the Self four games. They looked at the red socks without wind, but the first battle begins, the eighth sticks of the red socks, the eighth sticks, Bradley. Ren Duo two veins, continuously hit the key points, the series of consecutive situations moved down, and the red socks came together in four cities, but they were all difficult to pass.

In the world contest, there was another “Golden Yuan Tun” Dodge Team, and the red socks in the two games have been in the middle of the trophy. After the Master Los Angeles, the Dodge wins in a 18-game battle. The three-year-old three-year gun of the second day, almost announced that Dodge chased the big score, and the stubborn red socks were played back in the seventh place. Steve Pierce was hungry – Jensen, let Red Socks 3 to 1 lead, the fifth battle Dodge Wang Kerclado once again lost hands, red socks 4 to 1 have won the team’s ninth World Competition, and the fourth century since the 21st century, the crown alliance.

The rest period is mainly:

The key words of the red stocking break is: saving money. It is easy to understand, when they have just smashed the World Competition, it is impossible to carry heavy salary pressures every year. Since most of the key players are in the contract, a biggest reference in the Red Socks Assault is a four-year 68 million, and the “Fireball Men” Nessen – Jovaldi, but because of this, the red socks do not renew the end “Scorpion King” Jinbreier, another key cow shed Joe-Kelly also turned from Dodge, red socks set a set of cowshed a set of cowshed in the “civilianization”.

Star player:

Although the red socks have an urgent terminal, they have three rounds of quasi-class awards: due to injuries, Chris Sersel ranks the US League prize for the next six consecutive years. There is no prize, but the self-defeating is 2.11 for his career. The WHIP value is 0.861 is also a low scary, and the total wounded of Serbs is the first level of the League TOP3 level, still the guarantee of the victory of the socks.

The average annual salary of more than 30 million David Ples is already 33 years old, and the speed of the ball is still returning, but the change ball and the spheres make him like an old wine, the more beautiful, and he has broken last year. The mantra of the playoffs, if you can stay healthy, the new season should be able to complete the 200 bureau to shoot and win 15 win.

For three years ago, the race season, Rick Polylo, is clearly returned, I am afraid it is difficult to restore the pressure of the peak season. However, the length of Poslo is, rarely there is a major injury, and each time you have lost three, quarter, four points, it is enough for the fire-fierce red socks, Polylo can only be placed in the team The third first hair, the horror of the red sock wheel value can be known.

The fourth is the fireball male, the fireball, who has just renewed, has proven that it is not only fast, and there is also enough call and calm, the new season, Jiwaldi. It will become the first hair of the team. In the forehead of the game, it will hold the victory in red socks. Once the red socks are boardous, Jovaldi, which is close to 100 miles, can be promoted to the newly closed door of Sapphire.

Wire section, New Coppy MVP Muki-Bates last season lacks a lot of competitions, still completed 32 bangs 80 points, the offensive index exceeds 1.0, and the highest pirate of the most career, in addition to the third consecutive third In the year, I won the Golden Glove Award, and the 25-year-old Bates will continue to travel on the road of celebrities.

Specifies that the first year of combating JD Martinens has https://www.fanartikelsportde.comcontributed 43 bangs and 130 points, Martinens in the peak of power and waving, and 120+ bombings and 120+ points in the new season. When the stable output, when some low score competition, the red socks are needed to stand out to solve the problem.

Last season’s red hose can be bombarded 876 points, except for Bates and Martinnes, other players are not active, 21-year-old Rafadel Dres, 23-year-old Andrew-Ben Ning Di, 25 Aged Zon Bocood has shown a full-time attack performance, saying that it will usher in the “quasi-MVP level” season in the new season. Plus the old Miqi-Morade, the United States Union final MVP small Jieki-Bradley, the World Contest MVP Steve Pierce, Of course, we can’t forget the old Dastin Pedroa, group star gathered Line energy allows red socks to maintain a stable attack power, and the overall strength
has a league.

Team Outlook:

For the defending champion, only one goal is only one: strive to defend! It can be seen from the current situation, and if the red stockings can enter the playoffs. The dead enemy is filled with the first round value and the inner person, and there is no obvious process of steak shed. The strength is stable; and the young people in the rays continue to grow, and the rest of the tour will also make some targeted reins, the strength must not be underestimated So the red socks want the US East four consecutive championships.

However, with the line of socks and the main level, as well as the hard strength of many superstars, winning 90 wins and even 100 wins are not dreams, even if they can’t win the partition, they should be able to hold an outer card. As for the defending, in addition to “seven-day destination, three points, struggle”, season in the season, the supplement to the cowshed, and the Corla Coach can continue the magical schedule.

Pitcher rating: ★★★★★

Wat rating: ★★★★ ☆

Expected record: 94 wins to 101 wins, compete for partition champions

Prepen first line:

1 left outer wilder Andrew – Ben Ning Tidi

2 Right outside wilder Muki-Bates

3 strokes, Rafa, Dres

4 Specify strike J.D. Martinens

5 guerrillas praise – Bogotz

6th basement Mickey – Morade

7 second basebrock – Holt

8 Chinese and foreign wild hands small Jieky – Bradley

9 Catcher Christian – Vasquis

Team estimates new season lineup

First Pointer: Chris Sersel, David Ples, Rick Posol, NNA – Jovardi, Edward – Rodrigs

Supporting Pitcher: Ryan Bresis, Brandon – Workman, He斯bury, Extto – Bellasquis, Taylor – Soenberg, Corten – Bruul

Terminator: Matt – Barnes

Catcher: Christian – Vasquis, Blake Sweamet

Wilder: Mickey – Morade, Brock – Holt, Zhanzh Bocood, Rafadeer Dres, Steve Pierce, Edward – Nuns

Older Hand: Andrew – Ben Ningdi, Xiaojie – Bradley, Muki-Bates, Goyz – Ernande

Specify strike: J.D. Martinez


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