MLB’s first high salary in the NBA row, the baseball talents play basketball for earning money?

Recently, the MLB aesthetic Los Angeles Dodge Team first pitched the pitcher Kok and the team completed the renewal, and the contract was treated for 3 years and the value of $ 93 million. Khakha has signed a contract with a $ 715 million in January 2014, a new renewed three-year contract replaced the last 2 years of the old contract. Ka Xiao’s salary is not high in NBA, the salary of the top player of the MLB is being captured by NBA, and all-round sports talents are turning out basketball arms.

MLB top salary is not worth mentioning in NBA

As the 3rd CCI Award and the 1st MVP winner, the salary of the KK 4.2.3 million yuan, ranked second, only in Today’s MLB’s first Mike, the first Mike Tuger’s 34.1 million US dollars The 32 million US dollars of Grande, the third Arizona Snake Team, 32 million US dollars than MLB salary. Although the salary ranking next season has not yet been determined, the average annual salary of Kokovin contracts is only 31 million US dollars to take him into the top row of MLB salary.

Curry this season salary leads all the alliance

Curry this season salary leads all the alliance

However, whether it is a new contract that Kok 4 or just signed, his salary is placed in NBA and does not enter the top row. The number of Salary of the NBA 2018-19 season is $ 37.46 million in the Golden State Warriors, a Los Angeles Lakers James’s $ 35.65 million and Houston Rocket Paul’s $ 35.65 million. Followed by the Oklahoma Thunder team, his salary has reached $ 35.65 million. The salary of the above NBA stars not only exceeds Koke, but even the Turki, which is the top of the MLB salary is crushed.

The new broadcast contract allows other alliances, three feet NBA open high salary “grab” strategy

In recent years, NBA players’ top-sailing contracts continue to refresh the highest records of history. NBA’s annual income continues to grow, and the income of each team has also increased, and the top salary in the team is assigned according to the fixed ratio of the team’s income, so the top-sailing frequency brush record is also successful.

In February 2014, the 5th president of NBA is very positive for the alliance, and during his tenure. During his tenure, NBA broke some of the traditions of the year, including the beginning of advertising on the jersey, signing with sports gaming company. Contract, etc., has begun to generate a collection of alliances, plus NBA and ESPN, TNT, 9 years of $ 24 billion (at 2016-17), to make NBA’s income is new year.

NBA This not only gave the players in its alliance, but also made the players of other professional sports leagues. This is the potential role is to encourage young generations of sports genius to give priority to basketball when choosing to develop roads. In this way, NBA will take advantage of the first machine in sports talents.

Jordan retired playing baseball

Jordan retired playing baseball

Speaking of this, some people may have questions, sports talents are oriented, and there is no cross-project talents. However, the United States has certain specificities, because the sports talents there are developing in accordance with their interests, not the country system. Usually a athlete can develop a number of sports at the same time, as long as he has strength, you can keep multiple projects until you get out of the university campus. After some people walk into the occupation, they still switched in multiple professional alliances, of course, very few.

It is usually possible to switch at a number of athletics that is extremely high. We are familiar with NBA Star Michael Jordan, McGrady has two skill packs of basketball and baseball, while James, Ephsen is entering the profession. Basketball, football cascaded, NFL Hawks, four points, Walse, Wilson, has played MLB small alliance, and even participated in the Spring Training of Texas.

According to 2017, the average salary of the four major leagues in North America is as follows: NBA7.1 million US dollars, MLB4.5 million US dollars, NHL3.1 million US dollars, NFL2.7 million US dollars. I believe that any sports talents with multiple sports skills will take the result on the future sports project.

Mitchell is a baseball genius that is delayed by basketball? They all changed

Mitchell still does not forget the baseball plot of the year

Mitchell still does not forget the baseball plot of the year

In recent years, people with baseball have begun to start to transfer basketball. More famous is the current Jazz’s Jazz’s core Donanwan – Mitchell, Mitchell was born in 1996. His father will serve in MLB New York. Mitchell often takes place when he is working with his father to go to the team. The ears of all the year ago, let Mitchell fall in love with baseball.

“In fact, I want to come to the university to play baseball, although I am used to a pitcher or guerrilla, but you can put me in any position.” Mitchell recalls the ambition before the university.

During high school, Mitchell would join the Canterbury College Baseball Team, but he was an unexpectedly changed his life. In a game, Mitchell, who was a guerrilla, chased a high-speed ball, and the result was hit with his own team arrested, and his opponent was crowned, and his wrist fracture. As a result, Mi Chero started to consider the turn and began to put into the basketball. In fact, Mitchell can play multiple locations,
not only doing pitcher, and when the wrist fracture is very young, it is not enough to change his career development direction, just as he said, he still thinks Baseball. But the player will not speak publicly, he is in order to earn more money, but this factor does not ignore.

Mitchell has worked for baseball

Mitchell has worked for baseball

Another player who put into basketball is the NBA Portland Trail Team and Defense Pat-Connon. At the university era, he has played in the baseball team and basketball team at the University of Our Purono. Since then, in the 2014 MLB draft selection meeting, he was selected by Baltimo golden team, first in 1A League, and showed a quick ball of 96 Mai. At the end of the season, his direction turned to basketball and prepared NBA draft. The Jinjian team loves the talents of Cenardon, and they have never recovered the contract bonus of the $ 428,000 year old year, and continued to retain the contract of Connone until 2020.

In 2015, the NBA draft conference, Connon was selected by the Brooklyn Blue Nets, trading to the Portland Pioneer team. Connon chose basketball, in three seasons for the pioneers, he only has a total of 3.7 points, 1.6 rebounds and 0.8 assists, and the amount is the edge of the team. Connantton is higher in the base of the baseball, and look at the Vice President of the Golden Team Executive Vice President Dan – Duquet’s evaluation of Connatton. “I will leave a candle in the window of Connon to return to the baseball game.” Duquet said, “At the same time, I will go to the church to light a candle, because he has already showed the talents of his big alliance level. “

Connon's baseball is even higher than basketball

Connon’s baseball is even higher than basketball

NBA 2018-19 season, Mitchell’s salary is $ 3.11 million, Connon’s salary is 6.25 million US dollars, although it is not very high, if they turn the baseball, you need to start exercise from the small alliance, and the salary is far away. The average monthly salary of MLB Small Alliance players from $ 1300 to 10,000 US dollars.

MLB salary can’t chase NBA has certain limitations

In fact, the average salary of NBA players does not mean that its fiscal revenue and league’s population is the first. According to the latest statistics, the four major professional leagues in the United States is NFL ($ 13.68 billion), MLB ($ 9.46 billion), NBA ($ 4.34 billion), NBA ($ 7.34 billion). And from the extent, according to Forbes statistics, NFL still rejoits the first in 37% in all sports projects.

The NBA player salary will be approximately half of the fiscal revenue. The NFL is only 47%, NHL is 50%, and the MLB is floating between 48.5% to 51.7% since 2006. Between the four major leagues, although slightly different, the gap is not large.

NFL, MLB has incorporated the NBA league for two years, and the average salary of players is lower than NBA. It is the same as that of the high-end professional league. There are only 12 players who need to pay salary. And MLB is 25, NFL is 53 people, NHL is 20 people. On average, the NBA player’s salary is higher.

Can baseball achieve counterattack?

MLB has continued to the reform of the competition in recent years, and the average age of fans has increased year by year, and its league has a total of the third NBA to catch up with the third year of the United States. Under the situation of the top baseball talents, people can’t help but ask, the baseball players are especially the star like Kosha, and the future salary is expected to overcharge NBA’s top player? In fact, it is not hopeless.

First, go back to the game system, MLB’s wage and NFL, NBA, NHL are different. NBA is a sluggage plus luxury tax that means that the team containing the salary CRM can apply a special case to be overwhelmed by the salary cap, but there is still a luxury tax back. NFL, NHL is hard hat, belonging to strict restrictions. MLB does not have a salary cap, only luxury tax is controlled. This means that as long as the team is rich enough, you can sign in any of the players they want. This is why New York Yangji is called “evil empire” reasons, the team is strong, naturally, the large number of stars, The salary of the star depends on the determination of the team’s investment.

MLB first person Turet

MLB first person Turet

Second, it is the development of the league. NBA is now in the wind, a key factor is its overseas development, NBA China’s value has exceeded $ 4 billion, and the suction is countless. And 2015 Tengxun also signed a total of 5 years worth $ 700 million in network exclusive power. In contrast, other league’s overseas development is slightly slow, if MLB can develop footsteps developed in Shanghai, they still have the opportunity to rise again.

Finally, it is one of the themes of this year’s MLB winter conference, the reform of the league. Accelerating the rhythm of the game, attracting more young fans is the direction of MLB’s future development and the key to League revenue.

Professional players’ career is only in a short ten years, and the high salary and the development of the league will always be the factors they need to weigh. Top sports talents are always the most rare resources of professional sports, and they have mastered them.


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