Morning Post | MLB and Technology ADOBE Continuation; Tottenham is only 361 million euros last season

The La Liga Alliance and the Chinese Future Cooperation will be upgraded; Manchester City Electricity and Evil Chair Brand GT Risson Reached Partnership; Milan Shuangxi New Stadium is expected to be completed in 2027

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La A Alliance and the Chinese Future Cooperation is upgraded

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On November 24th, the La A Alliance and the Chinese Future Investment Co. This ambitious cooperation agreement is the results of the La Liga Alliance and the inner future for a long time to maintain effective cooperation. Both parties are committed to continuously promote and develop Chinese grassroots infrastructure with long-term eyes. Building a neutral future La Liga International Park, aims to exchange the La A League in China’s various pillar industries: promoting local football business development, entertainment industry and e-sports and technology industries.

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MLB and technology company Adobe renew

MLB and Technology Adobe announced a major cooperative extension plan that will enable US MLB to bring a new personalized and seamless experience for millions of fans. Regardless of where the fans enjoy baseball, both at home, on the road, or in the park, they can feel the atmosphere of the baseball field. Alliances and its clubs will be able to cooperate more seamlessly through advanced tools to sign contracts and share creative assets and interact with their fans.

PGA Tour tournament title and BMW extend cooperation agreement

PGA Tour, Western Golf Association and BMW announced that BMW will continue to serve as title sponsor of the BMW Championship until 2027. It is known as the Western Open before the tournament, first held in 2007 in the form of the BMW Championship, which is the third PGA Tour history a long tournament, second only to the British Open and the US Open. 2022 BMW Championship will be held in Wilmington, Delaware, Wilmington Country Club August 16 to 21.

Manchester City gaming and gaming chair Brand partnered GT Frierson

Manchester City Gaming announced a partnership with leading gaming chair brand GT Frierson (GTRACING). GT gaming chair Frierson became the official partner of Manchester City gaming with immediate effect. The partnership, GT Frierson will gain brand exposure and activation in the gaming business in Manchester, reach more football fans and gaming players. Meanwhile, both sides jointly chair of gaming products will meet with the public in the future.

Milan clubs new stadium is expected to be completed in 2027

Antonello, CEO of Inter Milan 23 while attending the Expo Dubai Sports Day said the club a new stadium is expected to be completed in 2027, the completion of the new stadium the team will bring considerable benefits. Inter Milan and city rivals AC Milan share a home, and the new stadium will be a joint project. It is reported that the two clubs will provide a new stadium built 90% of the funds, the current court has not yet started, still under discussion among specific plans. Antonello said he hoped the court surrounding facilities open all year round, he thought to create higher revenue infrastructure is to allow the team to remain competitive in the top stage of the premise. “The new stadium for Inter’s future plans is essential, the club hopes to get a new stadium by several times the current earnings.”

WTT’s first licensed non-homogeneity tokens on sale

World Table Tennis Championships held in Houston on the occasion, Major League World Table Tennis (WTT) announced the first-ever formal authorization of table tennis non-homogeneity tokens (NFT) “First Ball!” To start selling. This unique table tennis NFT will OpenSea auction, OpenSea is the world’s first and largest collections of encryption and digital NFT market. Bidding will be open during the World Championships, until the United States Central Time at 23:59 on November 29.

UEFA Cup every two years or so and so per season loss of about 6.75 billion pounds

According to “The Times” reported that the World Cup held every two years could lead to a major league and UEFA per season loss of about 6.75 billion pounds. FIFA has been promoting the World Cup held every two years, instead of every four years hold, but it was the club organizations, UEFA and CONMEBOL opposition. According to a report commissioned by KPMG and the major leagues written Delta Partners, held every two years could result in major league World Cup and UEFA per season loss of about 6.75 billion pounds in television revenue and commercial revenue. The report also pointed out that more frequent national team tournament will damage the national league, and lead to more games scheduled for the week.

Spurs last season, income is only 361 million euros

English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur announced the latest financial reports, affected by the epidemic, the club last season’s income is only 361 million euros. For failing to enter the Champions League, bonuses fell from 51.3 million pounds to 23.6 million pounds, in addition to Mourinho also dismissed Tottenham lost 16 million pounds. Tottenham 2020-21 season, a loss of 80.2 million pounds, 2019/20 season, a loss of 67.7 million pounds, the current debt has climbed to 706 million pounds, the addition of £ 100 million from the previous quarter.

The European Parliament adopted a comprehensive resolution against the European Super League

According to official sources UEFA, the European Parliament adopted a comprehensive resolution of the EU sports policy, oppose the establishment of the European Super League. In addition, the European Parliament as a major political institutions of the European Union, the position of the main threats currently facing European sport is clear. The European Parliament strongly condemns this direct separate events, such as the so-called European Super League, that it undermines the values ??and principles of the European sports, only for the elite and capital services, with no regard to inclusive decision-making process.

Dick’s Sporting Goods first three quarters of fiscal 2022 net profit of $ 1.174 billion

US stocks listed company Dick’s Sporting Goods announced the 2022 fiscal third quarter financial report. January 31, 2021 – October 30, 2021, operating income 8.941 billion US dollars, net profit attributable to shareholders of $ 1.174 billion, basic earnings per share of $ 13.93. In the report period, end of period total assets of $ 7.999 billion, pre-tax profit of $ 1.534 billion, net cash flow from operating activities was $ 1.007 billion.

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