Mr. NBA’s top salary is fat and can’t recognize! 1 year ago, encountered a tragic car accident: brain damage + lumbar injury

Today’s NBA, top-salary contract, and billion contracts can be said to be full of flying, and the teams in the league have at least one “Yiliu Mr.”. However, there are so many high-priced contracts, which will inevitably have the possibility of turning into the car. Like this year’s break, I just had a small amount of Nuggets in 5 years, and I didn’t have a few games because of my back injury, and he was very likely because of the back injury season according to the latest news. to reimburse. If this is true, then the Nuggets really become “big head”. In fact, there is also a top salary, because of the hurting pits, even if the fans are ridiculous: money, afraid.

Seeing “Money, I’m afraid of just”, I believe everyone has guessed who this top salary is. That’s right, he is the people who call Gao Fushuai – Chandler – Parsons.

Parsons were selected by the rocket in 2011, and the rookie season had contributed 9.5 points, which was situated at the beginning of the rocket in the reconstruction. With the 12th summer rocket trading, this team began to enter the right track, and Parsons also beside the beard and played a famous.

13/14 season Parsys ushered in the peak of career, contributing 16.6 points 5.5 rebounds 4 assists 1.2 steals, and the season is 19.3 points 6.8 rebounds. However, unfortunately, the regular season ranked the fourth rocket in the future, the first round of the playoffs was held by the Blazers, Lillad also investd into a less than 0.9 seconds and three points, personally sent the rocket home home .

Parsons has been favored by the excellent performance, and the latter sent a 3-year 460,800 contract for Pastean. However, Parsons after the calf, the performance is far from the rocket. Just as everyone thought that when Parsons won’t be so lucky, Grizzlies did not believe in evil, they gave the latter four-year $ 94.8 million.

In the face of such a price, Parsons did not agree. After all, the amount of this contract is 16 years, it is very high. His anomality reached 23.7 million US dollars, don’t forget that Durant is only $ 25 million in the Warriors a year.

I thought that Parsons arrived, and the competitiveness of the Grizzlies was further improved. I didn’t expect him that this contract was “poison”. After signing the big contract, Parsons suddenly became “glass people”, effective Grizzlies for three seasons, and only 34 games were played in the past year, and the highest race was 7.9 points. Because the space of the Grizzlies is locked, don’t tell the crown, it is now difficult to play in the seasons, so they don’t hesitate to take the first round to send Parsons, completely try to rebuild.

After you go to the eagle, Parsons still can’t get too many opportunities, and he has suffered a major car accident on January 5, 2020. At that time, Parsz drove the Rolls Royce collided with a drunk driving driver, and after the violent impact, the Vastein’s vehicle hit the roadside electric pole and stopped. This accidental collision causes Parsons brain injury, lumbar disc herniation, lips tears, and he has been temporarily injured.

Some time ago, there were American reporters to shoot Parsons on the roadside. At the beginning, he still didn’t believe this is he himself, because this person in front of him, the body is very fat, but a beard, it looks very old. To know, Parsons is only 33 years old and is known as Gao Fushuai. However, after the reporter greeted and greeted with the other party, it was really that he was really the old NBA top salary.

I didn’t expect that car accident has been more than a year, and Parsons have also changed, from the old rich and handsome, becoming the middle-aged people who blessed the body. In the face of reporters, Parsons said they will work hard to train, recover from a car accident, and strive to return to NBA!

Although Parsons is very confident to themselves, it is obvious that his NBA career is over, after all, whether his current body is, or a hidden danger, it is not enough to support him returning to the game. Of course, even if he can’t play the ball, the future life is not awkward, after all, in just 9 years of working career, hold more than 100 million wages, and never lack the beauty. Throw an accident and encounter a car accident, his life is how many people dream of!


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