National 7-4 Renary completed the road outside the card into the world contest

On October 16th, Beijing time, St. Louis’s Hashque team challenges Washington National Team in the National Baseball Field. This is the 4th game of the National Union Championship. The national team has won 3 games, so it is a fixed-life death. The battle, there is still a chance to pull back the defeat, and will be eliminated. The national team is high, and the first bureau will win 7 points, and the red scitch has followed the anti-attack, and the score will be chased to 4-7, but it will eventually be defeated and eliminated. The National Team 4 games sweeped the Red Square to advance the World Competition.

[Data Highlight]

The red tick team first picked up Dakata Herdesson only voted for 0.1 bureau to be hit by 5 security and lost 7 points (4 points).

The National Team first sent a pitcher Patrick-Corbin 5 games 12 three vibration 3 to keep 3 anaben to lose 4 points.

National Team Tre-Turner 4-President 1 Score 2 Anate 2 Totto, Juan – Sodo 4 Sitting 1 Score 2 Anwind 1 Totto Stodder 4-shot 1 score 1 placement 2 points.

[Competition process]

At the opening of the game, the national team came, and the top half of the National Team was first picked up. Krin continuously three rivers, Tommy – Edman, Jose – Martinens and Paul Gold Schmidt, the second half The National Team Tre-Turner hits it, Adam Yaton hits the second base to beat, and then Anthony Lunden’s high-flying sacrifice to make the national team quickly get 1 point leader. The national team has
not stopped, Juan Shero hits the two bases to play the nationals, and the national team will send Herdesson deliberate four bad balls to keep KFRK, and the national team Zimmerman Due to the wilderness to choose the barrier, the preparation of the Red Roots is full of collaboration. The security of the country Dickdo Robris right in the right country will send the Sodo back to the home score, and the other players will be pushed into the package, still being full. Gomez’s anattors have been 2 points, and the National Team is already 5 points. When the Colba sacrificed the game, the National Team had completed a round of blow. Trur Tre-Tre, who played again, the left outer wild shutball, and then 2 points. This Council ends with Adam – Ion Flying Ball. And first pitcher Herdesson only got a number of outsourced numbers.

At the end of the first bureau, the National Team is already 7-0 leader.

The next few games have no wind, although the fourth game, the half of the red-firem Molina hits the Yangchun cannon, the score will be chased to 1-7, but whether it is a media or a fans, I feel that the overall situation has been fixed, the sharp ramp has been going, Results The ramp “The Northern Birds” is in the 5th game, in the first half of the Harrison-Badker start, I selected four bad balls, Kerton – Wang hit the earth The morality has been promoted to the third base. Although the Earth of Tommy – Edman is weak, it is returned to the home base, and then Jose-Martinens’ two-run is a 2 point. The Red Picking team will take a difference between 3 points in an instant.

The National Team Corbin has a strong player Paul Schmidt and Marcel – Austria ended the crisis of this Council.

The 5th game ended, the National Team 7-4 leads the brushs.

The 8th game, the national team Shawn Du Lit, two times, then there was a crisis again, the Luzun Austa hit the security of the National Team to choose the investment, the national team Daniel Herdesson played the ball But in turn, the crisis is expanded, and the ball will send Molina to the barrier package, and the four bad balls will be full of virtue. At this point, the Harvesting team was replaced by Harrison – Bade. In the end, Cagpete rushed to go out, and the Red Pitch team failed to score.

The first half of the ninth bureau, the National Team Daniel Herdesson continues to shoot, the Red Ram Clock King Gauri, Matt Vitz Small Ball Out, Tommy – Edman Chinese and Foreign Wild Flying Bound.

The national team can finally celebrate the victory, unveil the new chapter of the team history.

At the end of the competition, the National Team 7-4 defeated the Hashque.

[Two sides starting]

St. Louis Heroes

First stick Tommy Tommy – Edman

Second Bar Right Outer Wild Hand Jose – Martinez

Third stick, Based, Paul, Gold Schmidt

The fourth stick left outer wilderman Masel – Austrian

Fifth rod catcher Yadi – Murina

Sixth Guardian Paul – Delong

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Harrison – Bade

Eighth stick two bases Clerton – Wang

Ninth, first-handed pitcher Dakata Herdesson

Washington National Team

First stick guerrilla Tre-Turner

The second stick right wilder Adam – Eaton

Third stick, three bases, Anthony

Fourth stick left outer wilder Han-Sodo

Fifth stick two bases Haoy – KFRK

Sixth stick, Rui’an, Zimmerman

Seventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Victor-Roblet

Eighth rod catcher – Gomez

The ninth stick first pitcher Patrick-Corbin

[Next prospect]

The Washington National Team has swept the St. Louis Heroes and successfully advanced to the World Competition. United States, the Houston Space Fascies and New York Yangquadquers have become 2-1, which is expected to have a longer way to go. The national team can get a full rest, and the United States will make a final winner.


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