National Fame season patrol: Saint Roof peaks to compete for the defending champion

The 2018 season NFL regular season officially pulled off, the playoff is coming, the Sixth season of the National Link partition finally rose. Here, let us count the six national boundary team, analyze the status of each team:

New Orleans Saints

In the National Assembly team in the playoffs this year, the New Orleans Saints may be the richest team. Today’s NFL four-shot seems to be developed in the “Yue Elder” route, just like this season of Dru Bris. The 39-year-old four-shot broke the record of the NFL history, and launched an impact on the first MVP trophy of his career. His passage has become more deep, 74.4% of the ball hit rate, reaching the chart and coaxial, which all set a new high in Briscium. Under the leadership of Bris, the Saint also successfully locked the home advantage of the season. Although “Minneapolis mismair” is also in the eyes, the Saint San team has already released the past and became better and better. This season, the Saint’s offensive group was unparalleled, and the fields were 32.7 points, advanced 384.9 yards, and the offensive level was ranked in the top five of NFL. Dru Bris, Alvin-Kamara, Michael Thomas consisting of three forks to smash all your opponents. If Bris’s pass is the precise bombing of the missile, the Saint-Run, which Kamara, Engham, is like a steel knife, only the enemy’s heart. This season, the Saints are promoted 122.7 yards, and the running ball is ranked first in NFL. The running is more advantageous to make the Saint achieve greater advantage in the playoffs.

In terms of defensive, the defensive frontline consisting of Marcus Denport, Cameron – Jordan and the Alex-Okafor is sighing. This season, the Saints sent 48 kills, after hugging The number of opponents has increased by up to 316 yards, and the averaging is only 78.1 yards, which is the best in the entire League. However, in the pass defense, the saints still have a lot of problems, which is what they must pay attention to in the playoffs.

But in general, the advantage of the Saint in the playoffs is huge, as long as it can maintain the state in the regular season, this team is basically unbeaten.

Los Angeles

This season, the Los Angeles ram has created a full star lineup in the sniper period. But interesting is that although the ram is set up Alon Donald, Endam Kong-Su, Marcus Peters and Achib-Taribabo and other super stars, and take the Wade Phillips coach Defensive operation, but the overall defensive results of the team are not different last season, 356.4 yards are released last season, lost 23.5 points, the entire defensive level is only in the middle of the league, although Alon Donald this season brush to kill the hand soft Basically, the best defensive player award is basically, but the overall defense of the ram is only hovering in the middle. Therefore, the ram is still an offensive team. This season, the ram is often launched against the fight against the opponent, and the score is scary.

Under the generous needle of Shawn McDo, the offense of the ram is like a water and silver diarrhea, and the state of Jaride is more excellent, and the singular season is 4489 yards, and the mid-rate is 65.2%. Under the stability of Gaofu, Brandin Cook and Robert – Woods were taken from the thousand code season. At the same time, Todd Galley, which signed the most running guard contract, has played an MVP stage season, single seasons, 1251 yards, 17 reacted, 580 yards, 4 reachaes, rushing balls At the top alliance, the number of punches is ranked second. Under the excellent play of Galley, the ram rush is 138.4 yards, each time the rush is as high as 5 yards, the top three of the column The whole team has achieved a total of 22 rushing actions, the most terrible thing is that the ram is very low in the season, and the season has only one time, so strong ground offensive firepower. It is definitely the martial arts in the playoffs.

Chicago Bear Team:

The Chicago Bear Team excellent defensive underclusions completely broke out this season, which made people remembered the Chicago Bear Team of the 1985 season to win the super bowl. This season’s bears showed people’s eye, under the leadership of new head coach Matt-Naji, the bear is once again closed the position of the Nations in the United Northern District for many years. This team retains the foundation of the defensive group, and introduces Supermaster Calier Mark and the Bear’s defensive group such as tiger. Heckns, Mark, Rock Wan – Smith will form a defensive front line that makes people sorrow; Kyle Fuller, Eddie-Jackson, Prince-Amamara and other players guarded the bear The team’s defensive second-line, coupled with excellent defensive coach Vic – Fanji Olympics, the army’s defensive group is completely strong. This season, the bear team completed 46 kills, 27 cases, and manufactured 36 times the transformation of the Rights in the Alliance, in addition, the bear rushed only allowed the opponent to get 18.2 points, the averaging 308.7 yards, no matter Anti-running or anti-transmission is home from NFL forefront, so powerful defensive groups make the bear team invincible.

As long as you have steady offense, control errors, the bear’s defensive group can change the competition. Therefore, this season’s bears’ offensive focus on the ball, occasionally play some fraud, which let the bear’s attack glow new vitality. Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen, running out of 1246 yards, four-point Wei Mi Chelbuski also has 405 yards of 4 mulled balls to pay. In terms of pass, Tusbis’s basal season came out of 3060 yards of 24 reached 12 times, it looked not to warm, but this is what the bear wishes to see.

Ground attack + defense. Chicago bears played new patterns in the old NFL routine. It is the so-called offense to win the audience, defense to win the champion, and the bear team is implementing this concept, and this team will show more terrible strength in the playoffs.

Dallas Denim

The front half of this season only achieved only 3 wins and 5 negative records. However, after the late cross-section, it was a shame, almost won all the games, including the double killing champion Philadelphia Eagle directly helped the cowboy to locate the country of China The position of the name. This season, cowboy offensive is not too much change over the last year, although the introduction of many new hands, but the pass of cowboy is still in the downstream of the league, four points, Dak, Pleiscott Performance is not highlighted but is still qualified. However, denim ground offensive is quite prominent, this season Elliot is rushing out of 1434 yards, the scorpion code is ranked first; in addition, Plescot has also contributed 305 yards 1 time.

The cowboy’s defensive group is the biggest guarantee of this team, the new showline Wei Lan-Vander is rapidly growing into the censor column of the cowboy defensive group, he completed 131 擒 2 times to copy 7 times Defensive; another line Wei Chou-Smith also has extremely excellent performance, and a total of 116 hugs were killed and killed twice. After rehabilitation from the knee nerve injury, Jay-Smith played the level of NFL top line guards. He and the combination of Leiden – Van Demi are like a wall of unsightly, guarding the line of defense of cowboy. At the same time, on the defensive front line of cowboy, Demagus Lawrence, Randy-Gri Gaoli and the stars such as Tailo Crawford will be more big, no one can block. Therefore, the defenders of Dallas denim this season are extremely excellent. The number of discharge numbers is 321.8 yards. Each game is only 19.3 points, and the defensive data is listed in the forefront. It can be said that such excellent defens group Under the support, the road of cowboy is full of hope.

Seattle Hawk

The bombardment of the army disintegration, many stars will leave the team, the Seattle Hawks of this season think of the right to make a shot, but I have never thought of that this team has a strength to fight. The players successfully entered the playoffs, interesting is that when Pitt-Carrol coach brought almost hobbies into the playoffs, the Haiying Tongjim will continue to have an annual salary of more than 10 million US dollars. Multi-year contract. Under the Corner coach, the Seattle Haiye rejuvenated the birth machine. Despite the excellent quadruple satellite of Russell Wilson, the Hawowwk is working hard every year, and this season, the Sea Eagle finds the ground attack of Ma Shaen Lilcho period. This season, the Seattle Haiying team has a rush of up to 158.5 yards, and the top of the league is the first; the Hawks each time the rush is 4.8 yards, the efficiency is not excellent. Chris Carson, Mike Davis, La Sauden Penni, has no many famous runners, but brought to the Hawks the top ground attack firepower. The ground promotion is the core of the sea eagle attack, and the passing of the attack is the harmonic of the Hawks. Although the race of Racel Wilson is only 3296 yards, he has a total of 34 times, only Two data is created 6 times, and the two data will create a new record. Therefore, although the Hawk is overwhelmed by the Eagle, this team is absolutely unwilling to meet other teams.

Philadelphia Eagle

In the last round of regular season, defending Champion Philadelphia Eagle defeated Washington red skin at 24-0, while relying on the help of the Chicago Bear Team, the eagle finally gave the last bus to the playoffs. However, unfortunately, the eagle is in the case of the injury curse, the star runs 卫 杰 阿 阿贾 早 早 报 销Almost half of it will. This team is full of trouble, and it is never possible to play real strength. Therefore, this season’s long-lasting situation is bad, the offensive group lacks effective mushroom support, and extreme passing attacks ultimately leads to Wenz’s body to be overwhelmed; the defensive group is missing, the overall state is declined, and the defensive performance falls to the league 20 Overhead. Now, Nick-Fols also retired in the last round of regular season, and the eagle has now reached the point where there is no four-point guard. Although the eagle eventually killed the playoffs, they are hard to go further.

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