NBA Dondory: Lakers reporters say Jan Huang’s turn is great, the Thunder is killed and 73 points, Gibson is expelled

NBA fans, everyone is good at noon! Today, the alliance has arranged 5 games, and there were 3 games that have been completed. Cossin was lacking back to back, and the letters of the commemorative decision was absent before the alphabetic game, and the Bucks pherked to defend the dragon. The Thunder has created a number of records against the Big Bear. The Grizzlies got 152 points of the Grand Thunder 73 points, fans: Thunder The face is not. The competition is very exciting, but hot news in the afternoon is also worthy of attention:

1. Iceman: Selected 75 is a great honor, but I am playing for love. Iceman said that there are so many players in the league, I can be selected 50 big too uncompristened, then I have entered 75 big, this is very special. I love basketball. I played a famous Hall of Fame. I didn’t think of the 50 big and 75 big. I have always worked hard to make the judges feel that I am worthwhile, this is great honor.

2, broker: Small Michael Potter surgery is very successful, and he can feel different. The broker revealed that Potter’s surgery was very successful, and he can feel different.

3, Gibson was blown out of the post-emptive emotional emotional and losing two technicians were expelled. In today’s Knicks and Bulls, Gibson was blown to cover the crime after the emotion, and even two technical fouls were expelled.

4, Casy: The sun’s team mode is template, we want to play, but not brain. Keesi said that
the Sun Team patiences, cultivates players with heart, constantly adding puzzles, which is the correct team template. We also want to play fast, but can’t be free, because we have already lost 17 times.

5. Before the letters, temporary decision to absence the game today’s game. Before the match of the Buck and the Raptors, the letter brother participated in the warmth, but he suddenly decided that he did not play, and his absence was not announced.

6, the reporter ridiculed James turned Yin: This is a more great turning over the finals than the finals 1-3. Previously, James was absent from the priest of the king, but he was allowed to return after 8 consecutive detection in Los Angeles, and the Lakers reporter reserved, this is more great to turn behind the finals 1-3 than the finals.

7, HuShuai: Lopez did not return the schedule, but I wouldn’t say that he reimbursed his season. Handshand said that we will not set up the schedule to Daluo, which can be clarified that he will not reimburse the season.

8, Monte: Can Ningan is very smart and has its own rhythm, Stewart’s power is full. Montti praised his opponent before the game, he praised Cun Ning, very smart, and played a rhythm. At the same time, Zulart is very motivated.

9, Grizzlies 73 points defeat Thunder, set the NBA historical maximum difference record. The Grizzly 9 people defeated the Thunder in 152 to 79, and the division of 73 points also set the NBA history’s maximum difference record. Note: The previous record is 68 points. On December 17, 1991, the knight defeated the heat at 148-80.

10, James is pushing: I am looking at the son competition, wearing a mask to the chin. James watched his son’s game, these small players were asked to wear masks, but their masks pulled below the chin, for this purpose, I was stunned, I am sorry, I am at the scene, but there is no meaning under the lower situation. .


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