NBA five major holidays will be: Kuri sirv leads the Lakers two will be on the list

NBA is a commercial alliance, and various teams will have a fundamental player to open a salary contract. However, there are also players because of a variety of reasons, ultimately choose to sign a base salary contract with the team. The basic salary contract does not mean that the player is not good, and the bottom salary contract will have a good war. Below, let’s take a look at the 5th low salary of the NBA base salary players this season.

TOP5: Strus (Heat, 1.67 million US dollars)

24-year-old Strus is a drop show. This summer, he has a 1-year $ 3.42 million contract with the Heat. This season, Strus’s annual salary is $ 1.67 million, and the next season is an irresistible contract. Up to now, Strus has contributed 8 points 3.3 rebounds and 1 assists, including 38.4% of the three-point play. According to his current performance, the Heat should perform his contract next season.

TOP4: Damien Lee (Warrior, US $ 19.1 million)

Damn Lee is Kuri Mi Fu. But he can stay in the Warrior team, relying on his own efforts. This season, Damin-Li Fang contributes 8.9 points 2.9 rebounds, which is the first pointer on the warrior. In the nearest competition, Damn Lee is affected by injuries, and the score efficiency has declined.

TOP3: Monk (Lakers, $ 1.79 million)

The 23-year-old Momb was a rookie in 2017. After the end of the rookie contract, he chose to join the Lakers with a fundamental contract. This season, the Monk has been played 24.3 minutes, contributing 9.9 points 2.6 rebounds and 2.2 assists. This season, Monk has three games for more than 20 points, and the performance is very bright.

TOP2: Aldridge (Nets, $ 2.64 million)

Aldriqi has been playing 22.6 minutes, and the average contribution is 13.6 points 5.9 rebounds. His shooting rate is 57.1%, and the ranking of the 12th place. Due to the excellent performance, Ade squeezed with Griffin in the recent game and became the main force of the basket network.

TOP1: Anthony

The 10th All-Star
Player Anthony successfully transformed the sixth person. This season, he came in the Lakers averaged 28.7 minutes, and the averaging contributed 14.3 points .7 rebound. As of now, Anthony’s three-pointer intermediate is 42%. He has invested 61 three points and ranked 14th place in the Alliance.


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