NBA latest ranking! The Sun 17 Link Split List, the Bucks will kill the third, the rocket 4 winning the rise

On December 2nd NBA regular season, 9 regular seasons were conducted, including the fast ship to the king, eating 3 games; the rocket wins the thunder, Hao 4 consecutive victory; letters brother kill the Humblebee rate team 8 games; The heat is defeated to the knight, the eagle is victorious, the excavation is not enemy magic. Let’s take a look at the latest rankings of the NBA East Western

The sun 17 loses power control warriors;

The records of the sun and the warriors are 18 wins and 3 losses, but relying on the reasons for each other, the solar pressure warrior ranked first in the western part, and the record is also the best. The next game of the next game is very likely to break the opponent’s longest winning record. It is worth mentioning that the Bark in defeating the Warriors, his injury is not big, but the team will also evaluate it seriously. After all, we will continue to fight the pistons and warriors. Small test, so Book can come back, or not unknown.

Lakers lie to six;

Because the globes of the club, the seventh lake in the past is lying in the top six. On the lake, the last game defeated the king, completed the revenge, but the team’s core James was diagnosed, if he did not accidentally, he will ablate many games, which is a small blow for the Lakers, after all, James State is still very good. The Lakers are currently the gap between the top four is not big, and the competition of the second echelon in the western part is quite fierce, so the next game is very important for them.

Clippers 3 loses;

The shuttle is lost today, and this wave 3 links will directly decline their rankings. This season’s housing is not a popular crown team, after all, Leonard’s injury is still very big for the closer, but there is no doubt that there is Paul George and Batum and others. Coupled with champion Terrence, the overall strength of this team is still very strong. Helpless is that this season’s traumatic performance fluctuates great fluctuations, this is where Ballmer’s team needs attention.

Rockets have 4 consecutive victories;

The Rockets will fight the Thunder today. Most of the first three sections are behind, and finally rely on Tit out at the last day, successfully won. Even little ports and Wood are retired, but the Rockets still have 6 people to score double, showing full toughness. In this way, the rocket has been gains 4 consecutive victories, from 15 to 4 games, although this rocket still ranks the location of the western spot, but it is obvious that the team’s spirit god has already ran out, this is very critical. The rockets have recently injured, Jaylin, Wood and Burto, and I hope they can be lucky.

Net leading the eastern part;

The record of the Net Net is 15 wins and 6 losses. Yesterday they defeated the same city opponents in the same city with a 2-point advantage. This game also attracted 18,081 fans to the scene to watch the game, and refreshed the home of the homeland. For the Net network, it is very important to get out of the haze that is lost, this is very important. At present, they are in the eastern power bull, and the Bucks and other people have a position.

Bucks 8 joint winning the top three;

Bucks defeated the bucks today were very thrilling, and the opponent saw the hope of winning in the leadership of three ballors, and the Bucks under the leader of the letter brother and the opponent’s war in the last day. The last time the letter brother’s layup didn’t kill the wasp, helping the team’s 8 consecutive victories, and they will be killed into the top three in the eastern part. It is worth mentioning that Cousins ??also ushered in the first show of the Bucks. He won the data of 7 points and 4 rebounds in the game. There is three points in the basket, and the overall performance is still very good. .

The Hornets 3 consecutive defeat;

The bungam of the conversation has already taken 3 consecutive bars. She can still compete with the basket, bull, hot fire. After a wave of 3 losers, the wasp is obvious. The strength of this team is still very strong, the status and fighting spirit in the game are also praised, but the critical moment, defense and seize the opportunity ability, and look forward to their next performance.


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