NBA Morning Post: Coossium Bucks, Clay to Develop Alliance Training, Draziqi indefinitely left team

NBA fans, everyone is good! Today, the Alliance has arranged 5 games, and the specific schedule is shown below. Today’s hot scene is the Warriors’ two games to the traders and pistons. The piston Stewart has previously god of James in the social media, then will this game will have a conflict again? Warriors and Clippers are a strong dialogue, but I think the Warriors will win. Before appreciating the wonderful game, let’s take a look at what hot news is worth paying attention:

1, Shams: Thompson has been arranged to the Santa Cruz Warriors to participate in training. And Thompson has also Wusman, which is expected to come back a week before Christmas.

2, the official of the Raptors: Golan Draji will be unlimited to the team in the absence of individual reasons. According to the previous report, the Raptors hopes that the transaction deadline will trade Drajiqi, the latter contract will expire after the end of the season.

3, the Rockets and Wall failed to achieve its role positioning, the latter will continue to absent the game. The rocket hopes that Wall replaces, and Wall wants to start and play an important role, and the two sides have failed to achieve consistency.

4, Grizzlies: Morant has no return schedule, which is expected to return this season. The coach said that after knowing that Molant is just a sly sprain, the whole team is relieved, and he has not returned to the schedule, which is expected to return to the stadium this season.

5. Beno-Youde is announced on INS, and he is currently working in the Pelican Coach. Youdery entered NBA in 2004, which is effective over Spurs, Kings, Bucks, Magic, Knicks, Grizzlies, Heat and Pistons, followed by the horse in 2005 and 2007.

6, Fulz: 76 people fans have always supported me, expressing them, they will love you. Fulz said that many people were misleaded by the media, I have always feel the fans in the fans. Philadelphia fans love the leaders, you will be able to attack you, but you will love you very much.

7. The Union Eastern Affairs executives talk about the Nuggets and then the Heat: For any crossed things. The executive said that we don’t want to see things in the field, a conflict in the field, or something that happened to the game. The referee will be highly vigilant and zero tolerant to any crossed things. Yoschi’s brother watched it, which belongs to security issues, and there will be security guards to stare at them.

8. Do you need more points when you are absent? Harden: I am still trying to figure out. Harden said, I am still trying to figure out this matter. When will I score, when will I pass the ball, when I launched an attack, I feel that everything needs to be done, I have to figure out these.

9, only 19 games! Curry became a single season, a three-point player in history. The race of the Clippers and Warriors has begun, and the Curry has made 2 three points, and became the fastest player of the NBA in the Single season (19 games).

10, free players DMC Corson plan to sign a year with the bull. The contract will be a 1-year non-guaranteed contract.

11, NBA spokesperson: The fans who have been expelled violate the code of conduct and have no penalties. Bath said that the two fans violated the fans’ criteria because of the improper gestures and remarks of James, and the follow-up did not have a penalty for them.

12, T41 Timer 21 penalty: He played his own style according to his game. On a 21st free throw, the forest wolf all teams were punished, Tangz said that Ensbide made a player in his own, and he never had seen anyone. No one is penalized, he is the first.

13, Byron – Davis: Owen’s situation is very difficult to the Net, but I love his insistence. Davis said that Owen’s absence is difficult to say the Net, but Owen donated salary to people who did not participate in the WNBA resort, so I love Owen because he https://www.maillotbasket6.cominsisted on his position.

14. Braiso’s career score has exceeded 10,000 points.

15, Montti: We didn’t discuss the record of 17 consecutive victories, how we discussed how it became better. Monti said that we did not discuss things that break the team history, how we are thinking better. Our ultimate goal is the championship, we will continue to work hard.


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