NBA transaction: 5 old will be aimed at the competition team, compete for the total champion!

At that time of the NBA season, there is a chance to enter the playoff team to pay attention to the trading market, see what you can add to further improve their opportunities in their list.

At the same time, the team in the opening of this season will begin more consideration of the future. This usually means that in order to become younger, continue to advance from some veteran positions.

The introduction of the finalist tournament means that the team that may have accepted the draft draw, it will leave more time to see if they can sneak into the playoffs.

However, although it adds competitive elements for each meeting, there are still many teams with talented veteran, but they have contributed very much in the reconstruction. They will make better use to make a winning ball.

Many excellent NBA veterans are the goal of the playoff team should be aimed at the trading market. There are five things that can be provided in the victory …

Bonfire almost no ignition this season, but when the torch ignited, it reminds everyone Ross to contribute to an NBA team.

Ross’s fourth quarter won 22 points, helping the Orlando Magic defeated New York Knicks in this season, followed by 19 points in the backhand game against the Dranks and Atlanta.

The 30-year-old player is a legitimate candidate for Sixth Man of the Year, while Steve Clifford is still the team’s head coach. He has been one of the NBA’s best scorers spark plug, he has the ability to make extremely difficult shots.

Ross most suitable for use in such a case, he can come off the bench and provide advantages for the team in winning the case. In a team like the Magic, the player’s development this season is the goal, Ross control of the ball as part of the second team is meaningless.

Last season he averaged 15.6 points, it is the perfect candidate to enhance the need to attack the second team.

$ 12.5 million salary to make trading even more difficult, because it occupies a large part of the team salary cap, but the impact may arise mean that Ross might be worth it.

Possible destinations: New York Knicks, Dallas Lone Ranger team, the Denver Nuggets, the Los Angeles Clippers

Jeremy Grant left the Denver Nuggets last season, decided to let a lot of people surprised, but at least personally, a move that paid off.

Grant last year in a poor Detroit Pistons he averaged 22.3 points, he could have easily entered the NBA All-Star Game. He made him the league’s top two-way talent to grow the offensive end as well as his solid reputation as a defender already.

However, with the team firmly in rebuilding mode, and can become a concern Cunningham led a long-term poor performance of the team out of the doldrums of the people, we must ask a question, namely whether it is really Grant’s Detroit location.

This season his numbers dropped to the scene averaging 19 points and shooting 40.4%. However, he achieved a dominant position in 36 points against the Los Angeles Lakers, indicating that Grant is back to the level of last season.

Many teams will compete for a playoff spot like Grant – he is a versatile wing defender, can score in a variety of different ways.

The problem is that he has now established himself as a role player beyond the level of the position, as he had when in Denver. He needs a major role, and $ 20 million in salary commitments. However, Grant will be the team with two players the team has proved the perfect third person.

Possible destinations: Utah Jazz, Dallas Lone Ranger team, the Boston Celtics

Thaddeus Young last season, the Chicago Bulls had a solid year, and to prove that he still has a lot of things that can be provided in the NBA.

He averaged 12.1 points, also a key part of the rotation, playing time of 24.1 minutes. Young has started his own career, to become a good all-around player. He can score, defend, creating opportunities for others, and it has extensive experience in the 2007 first season.

For a power forward and center position on the need for greater depth of the team, Yang will provide a lot of help. At the age of 33, he was in a situation can give full play to their talent before retirement, it would be very meaningful.

He is the team you want in the playoffs in the kind of reliable rotation player. As the San Antonio Spurs can not seem to compete for a playoff spot this year, which will begin construction team to provide future opportunities.

Yang will serve as a glue player seamlessly into any team, he can contribute on offense and provide solid defense. His contract of $ 14 a year for this man his age is an important commitment, but it is difficult to find Young players have all-around skills.

Possible destinations: Boston Celtics, Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers

Floor spacing big man is a key focus of today’s NBA. That’s why Mike Muscala has a lot to offer competitive playoff team.

Thunder Over the past few seasons strategy is very clear. Focus only on the future and on the accumulation of draft picks – to be more than the team actually used.

30 years old, Muslim Thunder by Kara who traded him to a need for additional shooting team to focus further attention.

Moose Kara little value on the trade market, but his third ball might convince a better team to give up something to introduce him.

So far this season, his third hit rate reached 45.1%, 5.3 his shots hit rate of 37% last year. Value-pointers in the modern NBA is great for most competitive team, a chance to get a center can force your opponent the opportunity to paint a reliable shooter’s left is worth it.

Possible destinations: the Brooklyn Nets, the Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks

This may be a bit unknown, but Harrison Barnes made some leaps this year for the Sacramento Kings. He averaged 19 points and shooting 47.8% three-point shooting rate of 39.8%.

According to reports, before the trade deadline last season, Barnes was interested in people, it is easy to see why. In addition to the ability to stretch the floor and shoot threes outside, Barnes can defend on a good level and very versatile.

Barnes has been demonstrated as a Golden State Warriors, he can influence a winning team, but since then he has grown as a player, you can now do more on the offensive end. He also proved himself an empty threat in the field and can effectively use his size and strength to get into the paint.

He made two-way ability to become a team flanking him in the perfect small forward or power forward, the team already has high-quality offensive player, but you can have more space and defense.

With Sacramento in trouble again this season, and recently replaced the head coach, the use of transaction value Barnes can help build a more suitable playoff run in the team.

Possible destinations: Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Hawks

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