Next Dragon Brother? Giants can take advantage of new and old four-point guards like when they first package

Giants merits four points Wei Yilai Manning age is growing, and the ability is inevitably attenuated. So the giant used the first round of the first round of the first round of Southern Dienier Jones, which is a wise or an alone? There is currently no conclusion. However, the giant takes over Gorden – Tit is hoping to develop in the best direction.

Tit said that training in Jones’s abilities makes him amazing, he believes that Eli Manning to Daniel-Jones may be as successful as the original Brett Ffer to Rogers.

Tate evaluation said: “We hope that he (Jones) can respond to the pressure. In the face of sudden accidents such as laces, Eli’s eyes will not blink. Daniel can learn from the future celebrity hall, this It is very helpful to his future. I hope this will eventually be similar to Fver to Rogers. “

But these two cases are still a lot. Before Faf leaves, the packwork is still a very good team, Falv’s final year, the final year of the package, has achieved 13-3 achievements, and kills the National World Championship. The records of the giants have been 3-13 and 5-11, respectively, and this year’s fans have no great hope.

Manning and Falf, Jones and Rogers also have a small ability. Although Tit is optimistic, such a class is optimistic.


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