NFL half a new show released Nick Posa led a small beard into the biggest surprise

October 31 (Wen / ESPN JEFF LEGWOLD Compilation / White) The rookie is always the most beautiful and most eye-catching group of NFL, they are young to first in the career stadium, and some are highly attractive, and there areThis is not optimistic to make sure you have a huge energy.

The NFL 2019 season, the eighth week, the drum, this season has ended the competition of the upper half, at this time, six experts in ESPN have selected the NFL half a new show, let’s take a look!

First place: Nick Bosa (Nick Bosa) defensive end San Francisco 49 people

Draft 顺 顺: First round 1st

Data: 20 times, 7 times, 1 copy

Nick Posa is definitely a “anti-heited” defensive player, never stops to destroy each other’s attack. Since the fourth game of 49 people, the four games since the end of the round, this list of eye shows, 9 hugs, 9 hugs and 1 hot pot.

Last week, the Carolina Black Leopard, Boba cut three times, and he once proved that he can fully control the game. It is precisely because of his excellent performance in his and defensive group, 49 people currently laughed at 7 wins and 0.

Second: Josh Jacobs running to the Auckland raid

Draft Xink: First round 24

Data: 124 times of punching 620 yards, 4 shores reached

In the past four games, Jacobs averaged 4.4 yards each time, of which two games were over 100 yards. Jacobs is the only rookie runner in the top 20 in the top of the League Washboard, which can also explain why he can become the first place to be traveled in this year.

Third place: Gardner Minshew 4 points Jacksonville America Tiger

Draft, the sixth round is 178

Data: Passing 1976 yards, 13 times, 2 times

The little beard is in the pocket calm in the pocket, which is good at observing the opportunity to pass the ball, and impressed the fans of Jacksonville. Today, a “Ming Wan Magic” swept Jacksonville, and the “Fitz Magic” is different, and it is more trustworthy than that of Machi.

The defensive coordinator who had handered to him said that any position on the court can play its own ability. The mature temperament of his exhibition can be completely seen. This is a rookie behind this year.

The season was started at the season, and the remarks only came out of 1 copy (another copy of the copy is he replaced by Nick-Work in the first week).

Fourth: Kyler Murray 4-point Ewei Arizona

Draft 顺 顺: First round 1st

Data: Passing 1988 yards, 7 times of passing to reach, 4 cases

Arizona Red Shot is doing very well to Murray design passed the ball and planning the ball, and Murray can provide high quality precision to send a high quality. It is rapid, good at observation, arms amazing, outstanding movement skills, can avoid hug. However, due to the quality of the sharp offensive front line, the quality is really not compliment, and Murre has been killed 26 times, the ranking of the third.

Fifth: Terry McLaurin take over Washington red skin

Dedication position: the third round of 76

Data: 28 battles to advance 458 yards, 5 times to catch up

Terry McLolin’s absence of the fourth week of the competition, in addition to the injury, and the struggle of the Washington Red Skin Offset Group leads to this rookie data, especially in the past two weeks, McLolina I only received a total of 50 yards.

However, since the self-entered the Alliance, McLuolin has been showing their talents. There have been a total of 3 games in a total of 3 games this season. Two games have more than 100 yards. In the game defeated Mai Mi Hailton, McLolin got the team’s only two times.

Sixth: Josh Allen (Josh Allen) defensive end Jacksonville America Tiger

Draft position: first round seated

Data: 23 times, 7 times, 2 times

Compared with yourself in the University of Kentucky, now Allen has undertaken more defensive tasks. He is not just responsible for rushing, but also checking the fracture of the outside.

But in the face of four-point guard, Alan showed an amazing rush speed, which is why he can become one of the ten new show this year. In the past four games, Allen completed 8 hits for four-point guard and won 5 times. If you take a killing, you can pursue a rookie record of the United States.

Seventh place: Brian Burns outside Wi-Carlina Black Panther

Draft 顺 position: first round of 16th

Data: 15 times, 4.5 times, 1 time

Brian Burns made a right wrist surgery in the seventh week, so it was just 22 defenders in the 49-person competition last week. But even if it is injured, Burns can also make murder in the chaos, and he seals the abandonment in the season.

Eighth: Devin Bush Internal Words Pittsburgh Steel Man

Selection of draft: first round of 10th

Data: 59 times, 1 time, 2 times

At the beginning of this season, the steel people were in the use of German-Bush, and the first two games were 86% and 79% defensive files. In the last five games, Bush covers at least the number of 89% defensive files in each game, and there are three games that are filled with the audience. It is also worth noting that Bush has also grabbed the ball 4 times, one of which transformed into reachable.

Ninth Name: Darnell Savage Security Green Bay Packaging

Draft 顺: First round, 21st

Data: 25 times, 1 copy, 1 time

Before the fifth week of the competition of the Dallas Cowboy, Darnell Savi has played 22 defenders, he also missed the seventh week to defeat the Auckland raid. However, the packaging worker in the last week defeated the Chief of Kansas City, Saviqi made a key defense and completed 6 independent clams.

Tenth: Eric McCoy Erik McCoy, Center New Orleans Saint

Draft bit: the second round of 48

Data: 8 times, release the number of killed 0

Eric McCay is the value gain of the New Orleans Saints this year, and he has played all the startings in the team’s 7 wins and 1 losses, and only missed the 6th attack. McCay is very good in passing the ball protection and shielding cover, proves that he is a first-class rookie.


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