NFL New England Patriots Coach Refused President Freedom Medal, once a Trump Many Friends

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According to the latest news of the American Cable News Network (CNN), the New England Patriots Captor Bill refused to accept tehri dam news Trump to issue the President’s Free Medal.

The President’s Freedom Medal was established in 1963 and is one of the highest level of civilian awards in the United States. It is to recognize those who contribute outstanding contributions to US national security or national interests, world peace, culture or other areas.

The next day, Trump invited the coaches who won the Super Bowl champion to e sakal news paper receive the President’s Freedom Medal.


But Bill refused this invitation. He released a statement on Monday night. “I am honored to be awarded the Free Medal, but last week’s tragic event made me decided not to accept the award.”latest news about private school fees in delhi

He said: “The most important thing is that I am a US citizen, I pay great attention to our values, freedom and democracy.”

It is reported that the New England Patriots team is a American football team located in Massachusetts, Bill in 21 years, is a friend of Trump.

He wrote a letter to form a table support during the 20news paper name16 President of Trump. After Triang’s congratulations, Bill told reporters. “Our friendship can be traced back to many years. Anyone who has more than five minutes, knowing that I am not a political person. This letter is not In the political motivation, only because we are friends. “

(The picture said: 2017 Ai Guo team won the super bowl of champion, Bill station is at Trian. Figure / The Guardian

uttarakhand news videoEarlier Monday, Trump issued the medal to Jordan, Ohio Republican Dockeeper. He is the loyal allies of Trump, who defended it in the investigation of Trump’s “Tong Russian”.

Bill is also in the statement that “dialogue” and “action” and “action” on “social justice, equality and human rights” are the most meaningful things in his career in the 2020 season.

He said: “Continue to work, and loyal to the people, teams and countries that I love, are important than any personal award.”

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