NFL releases official statement to the second ramen cover of the lion team Flals is misjudgment

October 16th (Text / Michael Rothstein Compile / 254) NFL official confirmation The second ramen hood for punishment is a misjudgment, and this incident eventually makes the packaging team completed the killing of the killing of the lion team, NFL Executive Vice President Troy – Vincent Tell this.

On the second day of the packing worker, the second day of the Lion Team, Wensen was asked at the press conference of the NFL meeting in Florida Lauderdale, asked about the previous penalty.

Vincent said that the two controversial raz mask fed yesterday passed a penalty, which is the problem discussed in the conference.

In the fourth quarter, Flals was divided by the value of the value of the rosk from the provenial.

“One of the ramen cover is obviously we think is to be established. For another sentence, when it looks at the game, this is obviously not what we want to see. When I go back to the game, the two ramen cover is punified, one Obviously it is established, the other is indeed no foul. “

Vincent also said that he plans to talk to the Board Martha Ford of the Detroit Lion at the meeting on Wednesday. He also got contact with General Manager of the Lion in this meeting.

“If you have experienced a game, I finally needed to tell you whether you won. I don’t think this situation should appear more. For us, come out from this matter and make some What we can control, come to win the game and continue to do better, this is what we need to do. We must control the competition and strive to give yourself a chance to win the game, implement the requirements of the coach, than the official It is better to do it. “

When the value of the referee, Cleit Brekman explained another referee Jeff Rice throwing yellow flag.

“The referee threw two yellow flags, and finally bothetered. I did discussed with him. Basically, this is a foul of an illegal pull mask, we will basically touch a strong contact penalty for the head and neck region. So in the idea of ??Jeff, he thought that Flals had a long time to contact the other neck, this is why he is punished by a penalty. “

Two blows for Flals are in the fourth three-speed attack, the packaging workers get the first attack with this success. In these two offensions, the packaging workers finally scored, respectively, a three-minute arbitrary ball of Rogers’s pass to Dal and finally killing the lion.

Frales said: “I really changed my hand, because my hand is put on the chest, and then when I change my hand, they will whistle again.”

On the evening of Bahrtia, he said in the game, he reminded the referee, he thought Fales was penalized for him.

“I went to the judgment, hey, isn’t we can’t walk against the opponent? In the past three attacks, I have been forcing the opponent to see the sky, although the referee did not look at me, but At least I let him know. I can surely say that in most of the game, my throat has been topped, which makes my head can only have a sky, you think, if your hand card With my throat, this may affect my face. “

When the reporter asked if the Lion’s main coach Patiti would guide Flals to adjust his defensive action, he said: We will guide it in the right way, make sure everything is fine, then start again.


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