No two rockets 2 win! Stone this summer will be announced to declare? 2 contracts 51 million really do not value

Jay-Green After lacking in a regular season, the next game was still unable to debut, after a few days, he will accept the review of the Rockets and look at the recovery of the injury. Optimistic after a few days, Green will come out, of course, if the Rockets are in order to steadily, let Jayren-Green make a while, nor a big problem. After all, the Rockets won 2 games in the lack of Green.

In fact, in the game with the bull, Green is a 1st game. It is exactly that Green smashed the scene should be 1 +3. But the most embarrassing is not a Green Lack of the Rockets to win 2 win, but some of the Rockets Summer this summer, it seems that it seems that it is a snake. Why do you say this? Take a look at the lineup of the Rockets, in the near two games, small ports, Wood, Gordon, Tit is the first Rocket, and Massatus, Brooks, Martin, Shen Jing also played huge in the game. Role.

It is worth noting that these players are not a player who stayed after the end of the season is a row of rockets, or the Rockets temporarily signing a bidirectional contract. The Rockets are very important in the
summer of this summer. It seems that there is no access to the field. A player is a 4-year 36 million contracts, and the other is a rocket for 3 years. 15 million restless swing people David – Nuwava.

Tes has not played for the Rockets. After half a month ago, the Rockets and the Pistons were over, and there were no one to play, some playing games, Nouwa Ba is unveiled in the junk time, and there is no good performance at all. That is, this summer Rockets use 51 million signed Nubaba and Tes, there is no contribution at the Rocket’s 2 games – because they have not appeared at all, the Rockets will have no relationship with them.

Although Nuwava and Tes are all the Rockets defensive, but the Rockets are not defensive, but offensive firepower. We know that although the Rockets are not good in the alliance, the defense is absolutely not the worst. There have been data shows that the Rocket defensive ability ranks 19 in the league, although not much better, but it is absolutely not bad. However, the score of the Rockets is different. The firepower output of the Rockets in the entire league is the countdown, until nearly 2 games, the Rockets abandoned Nuwava and Tes, the outside shooting is full, this Only two valuable victories were brought to the city.

If Tes and Nuwava should go to other teams, they should enter the rotation, but obvious Rockets need not their defensive ability. So they were also ruthlessly abandoned by the Rockets, while the General Manager of the Rockets Raphael Stone introduced Thas, renewavaba, now seeing the winning of the Rockets. There is no help. More careful is that Tes and Nuwava’s contracts are about 3-4 years, and Tes is more than 4 years this year, Nuwavaba is 3 years, that is, if there is no trading. After 3-4 years, the Rockets can get rid of these two.

After 3-4 years, it is not true that the rocket is growing, ready to use a lot of salary space to introduce the stars, when you chase your achievements? There is Thai and Nuwava’s premium contract in hand, and it is definitely good for the retrieval of the Rockets and future lineup. It can only be said that the Rockets 51 million flowers are too worthless. I don’t know if the Rockets will try to put 2 people on the shelf. This is a good way to make two people.


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