Nuggets colliled halfway! 9 voted 19 points, Malone should give Halan Opportunity, Hiroshi system player?

Beijing time on November 30th, the NBA regular season continued. Today, the hot fire is hitting the challenge of Nuggets. Diguris and Yaki’s fighting events also make this game very much, but it is because of injury The illness did not come back, and the
lack of Mero and Badler, the Nuggets did not go, the small baud’s probability season was reimbursed, Murri is also unit, but it is in MVP Jiki, in his Leading the undergolding is defeated with 120-111.

In the face of the heat, Yaki can say that it is bleeding, and I won 22 points in 21 minutes. In his leader, the first half of the Nuggets led the Heat 20 points to enlighten the opponent, completely, I didn’t want to give the heat. Live road, finally about 14 shots 9, three points 2 1 Efficiently won 24 points 15 rebound 7 assists 1 steal data, in his series, the first 5 people scored all the doubles: Barton 14 points 5 rebounds 4 assists, Al Limden 20 points 4 rebounds 5 assists, Montemuris 11 points, Jeff Green 12 points.

Today, No. 26 Xiuhende played well, 9 shots 6 When the season, he proved that his skills were excellent, and the season in the season was 15 points. The regular season was 15 minutes to win 7.2 points 2 rebound 1.6 assists in the game. The data is very good, compared to Campas, Halan is a good choice for Halan ‘s alleviation of Abidi’s offensive pressure to the team attacks.

The hot fire exerts the best Adebay, the whole game will take 24 points and 13 rebounds 6 assists, Lore Rui, the whole game, 17 points, 2 rebounds 14 assists have tried their best, but today Dun Luo is too iron, 3 points in the audience in the audience, this god hand does not satisfy the satisfaction this season, playing the best in the hot fire to make up Strus, he is 12 shots 6, three points 12 6 Take 19 minutes 2 rebound 3 assists data.

This season Taylor’s play is noted that this No. 13 show, there is a media saying that he
is the best sixth person this year, average 21.8 points 5.7 rebound 3.7 assists, single-view data is also worth the best sixth The title of the person, because his stunning performance, many media have not touted this 13th show, but really is his strength too good? Still saying that the thermal system creates the current data of Hero?

The last Hero also did not play, the heat of the heat, the whole 11 shots 6, three points 8 4 won 20 points 2 rebound 5 assists data, Strus is also OK, the audience 11 shot 13 points. Everything is very familiar with the current lineup, they don’t have a particularly excellent score point, especially among the first, and their debuts are a number of buses and organizational points, with team basketball to play.

Many times some of the replacement and starting of the game will get more points, Hiro is the case, and the recent Strus and Vincent also have such a play. Everyone says that there is a hot fire system to create Henry. ? I think it is possible. If you say this, what do you want to say about the current hot and Nuggets? Welcome everyone to comment on.


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