Nuggets!Burtone accepts back surgery indefinite troops, this top salable is a hand?

However, in the first two years of the Nugget, the small ports stably improved. The first season is 9.3 points. The second year has increased to 19 minutes and 7.3 rebounds. Therefore, the Nuggets have sent this super-big contract to lock his.In the next five years, just the injury is like a tiger, and the small port is like tied a huge timing bomb, and there is a risk of detonation at any time.Before deciding the operation, the smallbot has been seeking normal treatment, but the effect is very small.Can this surgery root in a hidden dangers?No matter how the results, the Nuggets is the victim of this gambling to open the contract, and this kind of high-risk newcomer king, also knocked a first alarm for the team’s team.


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