On April 26, Beijing time, there were 8 games in the United States. The specific competition is as follows: Dodge 2-1 bear, Warriors 2-4 red, Malinfish 3-1 Philadelphians, Tiger 3-7 socks , Indians 2-1 space people, Yangji 5-11 Angel, visitors 2-14 sailors, snakes 5-0 pirates.Dodge 2-1 bearDodge has struck the bears in the third difficulties in the series of war, so that the series is swept. This game is a low score, and the first four games have been stable and there is no loss. In the first half of the fifth game, Viguo’s first rod knocked out the three bases, Taylor’s hit did not threaten, but Bayz has a gaze, and the road is 1 minute, 1-0.Dodge first firing Steregin has no loss, but it is replaced at 4.2. In the middle of the eighth game, the Dodge once again scored, Hig, Turner, Mangxi successively saved the barrier, Berlinja flying sacrifice hit Hig ran back home score, 2-0. The second half of the ninth bureau, Jensen debuted, but was bombarded by Almora out https://www.fanartikelsportde.com of the Yangchun cannon, which was better than defending the advantage.The red team pitcher Castly showed his eyes today, but he was a little discount due to rain.Warrior 2-4 redIn the second half, the pitcher Casti is slightly hit the Chinese and foreign wild-fighting balls, successful, Wo Tuo selection to the four bad balls, Sudorth’s left outer wild fly ball is helpful to run back to score, but Suarez When I shocked the second base, I was touched out, and the red man regretted only 1 point.In the second half, Xie Belle, Iglesia is at the base, and the second base of Su Yarez is 2 points, and the red 3-0 leads the warrior.When the first half of the seventh game is over, the game is interrupted. Waiting for a long time to start again, the eighth game is half-Front, the Warriors will chase the score to 2-3https://www.mlbtrikot4.com; but the second half of the eighth game, the red man has 1 point, and finally win the game.Red Socks welcomes victoryTiger 3-7 socksThe recent state of red socks has recovered, and this game is the one who is the first to force. In the second half, Jike Chavez, who has just entered the first, and the three-legged high-flying two-point cannon allows the red hose to occupy the first. In the third bureau, a one-standing place in Candlaio sent back to Jones, 1-2; Casteanos then brought two points, tiger against ratios, 3-2.The third bureau, JD-Martinnes rolls to make red socks, 3-3; Dwick’s second base, add 2 points, 3-5; fourth bureau, Bates, Bates I also knocked out the second base to beat, the score came to 3-6; the second half, the red socks were on the attack, Ben Taui also used the second base to play back https://www.mlbdrakterno.com to the team, finally win.Two all-star pitcher, the science and technology house men Ball is more victoriousIndians 2-1 Space ManA king’s top-level confrontation, the actual content of the game is also in line with the expectations, a pitcher war, the two sides score is very low, the first firman shows super strength. Laughing to the last or Trawol – Bauer, the 8.0 bureau was settled in this game, and there was 1 point for 1 point. However, this does not affect his good play, just in the third game, Zpring groved the spring gun, temporarily flattered.And the spaceman first sent a pitcher Grt-Cole to 7.0 bureaus, and was hit by three security densuling 2 points, sent 10 three-vibration and 3 guaranteed, only lost 2 points, but was lost. Cole was brought to Martin by Martin, Bauers in the Third Bureau and the https://www.maillotspascherfr.com fifth game, but teammates failed to attack each other, helplessly defeated.Z Devil Granki 7 bureau has no loss of 7 timesSnake 5-0 pirateChristian – Walker has recently hit the trend of stereo, but the first game of this game will respond to the second line of the game, the snake is 1-0; Malt rolls the earth out of the game, 2-0. In the fourth place, Swayhad’s rolls let Walker run back to score, 3-0.In the first half of the fifth game, Dai Sen’s rolling land is played back to the Pitcher Granki. The sound of the snake all the way, 4-0; Espobar’s high flying sacrifice will finalize the final score in 5-0, the snake zero seal pirate.Malinfish 3-1 PhiladelphiansMarin fish first pitcher carreb – Smith played outstanding this season, so far from 2 wins and 0 losses, only 2.17 self-blame rate, send 37 https://www.mlbboutique2.com times, whip only 0.83, Yanran Marin fish ace . This game 6.0 game only lost 1 point, sent 8 three vibrations, but no harmonious. At the second half of the second place, the Rodriggz hooked out of the spring gun and took the lead in being lost.In the third bureau, Prado’s placement made Malin fish chased the score, 1-1 and 1 maintained the end of the nine games, and the competition entered the extended competition. In the first half of the tenth game, the two people were out of the way, Walker’s second institute wasat a little bit, then Castro’s three-point gun, Malinfish 3-1 Philadelow. The last half of Luo Mo hosted leads, defeating opponents.Gonzalez 9 times a three-vibrating education tour cavalry bearerRanger 2-14 sailorThe cavalry is hit by the sailor. The first game first took the first shot by Beckham, https://www.fanstore2.com

horing to help the sailor to win the first minute and from then on. Xili will then send the left outer field through the flat flight, form three points, 0-4; Gordon Gao Fei sacrifice, turn the score in the first game to 0-5.

In the second half of the fourth place, Santana’s second base is playing with 2 points, 0-7; the second half of the second half, the second half, the sailor is a slamming attack, 7 points, points, divide the difference to 0 -14, the tournament is going to go.

In the middle of the eighth game, the tour soldiers attacked the resilience, and Mazara’s angels sent back to autumn and relocation, and the division became 1-14; then the four-bad balls were allowed to be brought into 1 point, 2-14. However, the huge part of the proliferation cavalry is also very caught, and finally.


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