On July 30, Beijing time, Minnesota Shuangcheng continued to fight St. Louis Palects at home, which is the second game of both parties. The red bird sent a 40-year-old old man to send Hill first. Performance makes the double city home to win the opponent.[Data Highlight]The red scitch first pitcher Pangzde Leon 3.2 game 8 times a three-vibrating throwing 3 points, the full palette string only 3 security, no capture a little bit.Shuangcheng first pitcher Hill 5 games were only hitting 2, and there was no loss. Rosario went out of the season. To 11 points.[Competition process]On the first game, the snake Gord Schmidt knocked out, but the teammates did not continue the offensive. https://www.fanartikelsportde.com After the first game, the Alresit was guaranteed after the two out of the bureau, Trusce, the second base, the first game, took the lead in making the double city leading.On the second game, Molina was also knocked out, but Filler and Raviro were continuously solved by Hill. Although Pang Die Leon was guaranteed by Gonzalez but 2 times of the single bureau did not lose. .The third party two first farther sent a three-three times without letting the other party beaten, the fourth game, Gold Schmidt took the lead, but unfortunately, the back teammates did not grasp the opportunity, the fourth game In the case of the Sashario standing out of the personal season, thereafter, in the case of 1, 2stro some people, the Avila’s security series let the double city get 3 to 0 lead.The fifth bureau first filed a pitcher https://www.mlbtrikot4.com once again voted three three times, and the sixth game, Taylor-Dai took Hill to shoot, and completed three consecutive three vibrations. The city is playing.The seventh game, the old city, the old town, the handle, the singer, the seventh place, the seventh place, the seventh place, one level, one, one, one, one, once, but the red scitch relied on the tenacious officer to let the other party unable to attack the insurance point.The eighth game of Shangfille took the lead in tapping the play, but unfortunately, the double killing of teammates once again wasting offensive opportunities, and the eighth games did not expand the leading chance to the double city.On the Ninth Bureau, he sent a Terminator Taylor Rogers. In the face of the first three sticks in the patrue, the three-three-three-sized three-vibrate held the team victory, and the final Shuangcheng home 3 is 3 to 0.[Two sides starting]RockFirst stick two bases Colon – WangSecond stick Tommy – EdmanThird stick, Based, Paul, Gold SchmidtFourth stick guerrilla Paul – DelongFifth rod left outer wilder Taylor – O’NeillSixth stick Catcher Yadir – MolinaSeventh stick right wilder Dakist – FillerEighth rod designated to strike Lange RairoNinth Bar Sinophard Harrison – BadFirst pitcher: Daniel Pangde LeonDouble cityFirst stick two based Louis – AlresThe second stick of three basesThird Bar Guard Holhi – PolishFourth rod designated against Nelson – CruzFifth rod left outer wilder Eddie – RosarioSixth stick, Mi Gal, SanoSeventh stick Chinese and foreign wilder Jack – KraftEighth rod right wilder Marvin – GonzalezNinth Bar Catcher Alex – AvilaFirst pitcher: Rich-Hill[Next prospect]Shuangcheng will continue to welcome the challenge of the Cleveland, the challenge of the Cleveland, and the Shuangcheng will send a king Bellos to play the ball. The first game was thrown this season 4 scenes to the Indians last season. The self-sharing https://www.fanbutikk.com rate is only 2.55, and the Indians sent Shawn – Biebra, the first season in the season, 14 times, 14 times, no loss, winning.


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