On September 13, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball League continued to fight, there were 15 games, the specific competition is as follows: sports home 10-0 Jinxi, Dodge 8-1 red, visitors 1-8 Angel, priest 5-4 Sailor, Warriors 2-1 giants, national 5-1 Philadelphians, space people 5-4 Tiger, Indians 1-3 light, Malinfish 0-13 Metropolis, Blue Bird 0-1 socks, winemaker 5-1 Bear, Yangji 1-3 Shuangcheng, White Socks 4-2 Royal, Pirates 4-3 Squad, Rattleson 4-5 Rocky.Boston’s red socks won the 100th victory after the season, this is also the fourth time of the team. It has also appeared in 1926 in 1926, and the two teams have different victories between the two teams of Yangji. , The three-game winning red hose is basically locked in the regular season alliance winning rate.Six-winning sports home With the leadload of the sailor in the United States, the leading advantages of the United States, the leading advantages of the United States have been more than 9.5 winners, and they are only 1.5 games with the New York Yangji. The Atlanta Warriors won the San Francisco Giants, and the leading Philadelphia Philadelphians 7.5, they basically locked the National Liandong District champion, and the country of China and the West are still fierce. At present, the bear is only leading the wineman 1.5 3.5, while Luoki leads a lot of 1.5 leader, the leading snake is 3.5 games, and the four seasons tickets will be produced in these six teams.Blue bird 0-1 red socksThe first four games were first pitcher David – Ples made the opening 12 12, the fourth place, after the two games, Bugaus knocked out, hitting the homework, unfortunately, the attack did not continue the offensive . The fifth game, Sorri knocked out the Bluebird on the first place of play, but teammates did not have a way to form series, the fifth bureau, Moland’s guarantee and Holt’s security, 1, 3 bases, Results The storm of Alon Sanchez’s key moments made red socks broke down.On the sixth game, Davis knocked out to the place of playing red socks, Leon, the capture of Lyon, free him to get a lot, but unfortunately, German-Travis did not grasp the chance of score, the sixth bureau down Sanchez again. Semi-bureau in three three. The eighth bureau’s second base is playing and Jensen’s guarantee capture of 1, 2, but there is no way to attack the score, the eighth game under the eighth game. Bradley’s two Base is calm, and the red socks do not have the opportunity to grasp the potential.The ninth board of red socks sent the terminator of Jinbreier, and the two out of the bureau made a guarantee of Schmerk, but still https://www.fanstore2.com

use goodbye to resolve Smith to help the socks to hold the victory.

Yangji 1-3 Shuangcheng

The first four parties have not been divided, and the Siki is only a four-bad ball selected in the second game. On the fifth game, Sanchez was selected to successfully stole the second base. Unfortunately, Water and Bird did not have a way to form a series of scores, the fifth bureau, the foundation of the King Beni, Sevilino once again vote for three three times. Halfture and send twice. On the Sixth Bureau, Shangtou first sent a pitcher Aodorz continuously solving the three Yangji players, the sixth bureau will open Plele knock out after the attachment of Andrea, and the second base to help the double city break the stalemate. The seventh place to go to the center of the base, there is no way to go to the base, the second base https://www.mlbdrakterno.com of the seventh place, the second base of Kwei, Oscittu’s Action and Copple Both the Best Action formed series, the double city will expand the score For 3 to 0. The eighth game, Octo, Octha, was saved after Sanzuzs, and his 120th ball in the game was taken out by Bird, but the double cow shed combination Still holding the team victory. Odura 7.1 African Non-Animing Competition I got down the 6th wins down next season, and the gap after the transfer of the ball was not only held by the socks, but also captured by the outside card 2.

Dodge 8-1 red

The first bureau, He Pis-Peraza knocked out the sun spring gun in the hands of the Striglin, but the fourth game of the fourth game made the Dodge completed the anti-super, the fifth game Dodge relies on the unspeakable single bureau to attract a series of mistakes and red people to https://www.mlbboutique2.com attack 4 points, the Sixth Bureau of Turner’s Burner’s second base and Gran Dallast let the team lock the victory. The game of the game is the biggest key to the winning winner. At present, the team is behind the leader of the country.

Winemaker 5 to 1 Chicago Bear

Yesterday, the winemaker whose shelled by the bear has been leading, and the old land of Grannderson has a dot circle, and Kane’s security is broken. On the third game, Gandersen, Jeregi and Kane’s peaceful talents captured the whole base, Tel Avis-Xiao’s Gaofei sacrificed the lead. In the case of the fifth bureau, there were two bases, Chris Bryant knocked out the second base to make the bear breakdown. The seventh place, with the barters of Santana and the Bachelor of Jeregia, but unfortunately, Kane’s Chinese and foreign wild flies were killed and wasted to expand the leading chance. However, since then, the wineman sent a cow shed to win the equation group did not make the bear score, and the ninth game of Granderson went out of the Yangchun gun, plus Musakas’s point winemaker to lock the victory. After winning the winner, the wineman still returns a winner in two games, but the position of their national union card is still relatively firm.

Snake 4-5 Rocky

The two sides of the National World War I opened the sword, the first game, Joan Gray filled the half-bureau of three three, the first game of Arrecot, the two sets of unneado, the one-to-turn, but a pity of Storery did not He sent home. The second bureau is under the case of unattended, Nick Amad’s Gao Fei sacrifice leads the lead to let the team lead, but after the running, Krobin knocked out the double kill. Scored a light. On the third bureau, Escoba knocked out two points and hit the home base to make the sound of the snake re-lead, the third game, the second base of Arrecain broke the team to score. On the third bureau, Alex-Avila’s Yangchun cannon allows the team to rewrite the score into 4 to 2, and the fifth bureau is shrinking the moisture by 1 point. Since then, the two sides enter the cow shed pitcher than the spell, until the ninth game takes place in Pala, Luoqui two bases, DJ-Le Mei, the right foreign country, goodbye, one, hit, a good help Luo The base field did not kill the snake. After winning the winner, it is still the leader in the National United States, while the snake falls behind Luke 3.5 wins, and the country of the country is 4 victory.


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