Prepare for the Central Committee of the World, Fati Nio has returned to Liverpool training

Good things, but there is a problem with the France, the Red Army defense is also problematic.Arnold does not say, the Vandik is not good, Madu is not awkward, and C?te teers sometimes, Robertson is not breaking news pic ideal.The whole rear defense is very low.The most aaj ki news paper impressive impression of the cabinet is the head of breaking news aaj ka breaking news the horse, and the entire guard line has been contributed.The front is hard to enter one, and then I will lose a lottery. Of course, this is not a midfield defense, Jones crowned, Kata only attacked, with only penaltyHeather, no loss is already good.Dum is unfortunately, and the bidding of the competition.The African Cup is near his eyes, there is no two people in Massachusetts, there is no Attack of Cata, and it will become ahead of the front attack, and then will be lost, CTMD Pickex XX.


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