Raytheon 4 drama group collective gaze rugby, Russeck’s surprise appeared, netizens: passenger strings

Recently, “Raytheon 4: Love and Thunder” drama celtic newsgroup is now in 2021 NRL Australian Rugby League Finals watching, including hammer Chris Hemsworth and love wife hammer Elsa Pataky, Natali Portman Natalie Portman, Sab Lina Elba Sabrina Elba, Taisha Thompson Tesssa Thompson, Tower Taika Waititi, Elas Fischer Isla Fisher, Benjamin Mi Pien Benjamin Millepied. Yidi Russell Crowe Russell Crowe is also surprised!

Seeing this scenery, netizens have messages on the social platform: “It’s really a group of fairy!” “” “”, ” Handsome! “

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After the competition wins, the hammer brother is also a jacket, it is really a comedian! But you can also see how happy he is!

On the celebration, the hammer brother and the players took many photo, despite the top, but we can still see that he does not lose professional athletes, let people look forward to Raythe 4!

On January 26th, “Raytheon” Chris Heimsworth issued a message in the social platform, announced that the new film “Thunder 4: Love and Lightning” officially turned on. Since then, people have been looking forward to the shooting of Raytheon 4. The first three of the series is “Thunder God”, “Raytheon 2: Dark World”, “Thunder 3: Dusk Dusk”, has achieved very good box office achievements, and also won a very good reputation.

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“Thunder 4: Love and Thunder” is now in a nervous shooting in Australia, I don’t know how the new one will bring us, let us look forward to! At the same time, I also hope that this series will continue, there are more and more series of movies to meet the audience!

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