Red Foot Sind Daoqi continues to fight the outer card, the sportsman can neglect or only the battle

On September 17, Beijing time, a total of 15 contestants in the US Professional Baseball Union, the specific competition is as follows: Dodge 0-5 红雀, sports home 4-5 light, white socks 4-8 Jinxi, Metropolis 3-4 redSocks, Bluebird 3-2 Yangji, Tiger 6-4 Indians, Malinfish 6-4 Philadelphians, National 6-4 Warriors, Snake 4-5 Space Man, Pirate 3-2 Wine, Shuangcheng 9-6 royal, red people 2-1 bear, Rocky 3-2 giants, 3-4 Angels, Tourists, 3-7 priests.

After the end of today’s game, only half a month, several teams who were struggling to work hard for the tickets for the season, it has reached the final sprint phase, can improve their achievements, see this last ten games The game.

The United States is basically identified the quota of the playoff, and the red stockings will enter the playoffs as a seed. The spaceman leaders 4.5 games, no accident defending champion can take the partition name, and Yangji will meet with the sportsman’s fight.

According to the country, there is quite complicated. There is no team to ensure the name of the partition. The most high-pillow should be a warrior, leading the second game of Philadelphians 6.5; Guofei Central District Bear only leads the winemaker 2.5 games, leading patron 5.5 fields; National Union West is the largest, Dodge and Rocky are frequently changed in one or two, and the snake suffered nearly 10 wins and 7 losses. The outer card is equally glued, and the winemaker is a second-color 3 game, and the Dodge is the same as the ramp. The leading snake is 4 games, the leading Philadelphians 5, the name of the country of the country is affirmative Will be determined after the last or two days.

Rocky 3-2 giant

Rocky finally went to the giant after losing, re-retrafying the position of the partition name. The second bureau is over, Gonzalez, Daysmond, Yang Na Tower continuously, Rocky Pitcher Senztera knocked out a base, Rocky, took the lead to get 2 points, 2-0; Blackmond also selected four bad balls, Le Mei Yufei fairy sacrificed to send back 1 point, 3-0;

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Penny is hitting, and Londoria has received the guarantee. At this time, the first firman is replaced, but the Chris Xiao is still a tap, helping the giants to pull back 1 point, 3-1; In the second half of the eighth, the first hit of Panick, and Srt took the teammate back to the home base. The giant had 1 point, 3-2; but the last half of the Terminator Davis picked the ball Next, the giant did not continue to score and lost the game.

Pirate 3-2 winemaker

The pirate became a stir-up of the competition battle, and won the winemaker continued to add suspense to the situation in China. In the second bureau, Dickson opened the bureau in the second game, Molan rushed to the game, and pushed the base package, Newman flying sacrifice to send Dickson scores, 1-0; the fourth game, Bell Baobao, Dick Sen this time it is replaced with a point contribution, and the first base is ready to get the teammates 2, 2-0;

In the case of the first half of the ninth game, the two people were out of the way, and the Dickson’s unstoppable strike state, knocked out the second base to attack, and then the pitcher automatically saved Molan, but Newman contributed the second point, score Camered 3-0;

However, in the last half of the winemaker, the pirate Terminator Wattquez is played out of the Yangchun cannon by Angelar, and the score becomes 3-1; Domango-Santana contributed back to the back. , No one-stop winemaker two home runs will bring back the game, 3-2; but the terminator has stabilized the situation and successfully completed the outline of the three players, and there was no harder to win the victory.

Sports home 4-5 light

Sports at the two games, slow down the pace of the divided partitioned space people, the space man is fighting, maybe the sportsist can only carry the cruel outer card decisive battle with powerful Yangji.

In the second half of the first bureau, Dafi was guaranteed by tentaben ball, and then the clonal bounced out of the season 27th unit, the first bureau got the score, 0-2; the fourth place, Adam Ms slammed the Yangchun gun The rays expand score, 0-3; the second half of the seventh place, Dafi second institute is hit, cloned, Luovou knocked out the three-pointed three-pointed 2 points, the rays lead 5 points.

Until the first half of the ninth game, the sports home got the score, and almost reversed the game, the light putter Falue debuted, but continuously saved the three players, and the top of the base is not available. After replacing Alvaredo, after Rolley, Romo debut, but was hit by the home base, Wang Davis, bold a full range of guns, and the 43th, the homework, the score, I came to 4-5; but Ol Sen was out of the Senui, Piscotti highlights, and the sportsist unfortunately did not complete the thrilling.

Metropolis 3-4 socks

After the red socks won the game, I got the 103th victory, I won’t know whether it would eventually break the 110 win. This game is not too important, the biggest point is the Division of the two major princes of the National United States and the United States. This game Di Grom has been over 7.0 games and lost 3 points. He sent 12 three-oscillated and 1 time. Two-point guns are 2 points. But in the next time, it is divided into a flat, so there is no match.

Saier has just been repeated shortly, so the number of pitching is still limited, and this only has passed the 3.0 game and is hitting 1. Two pitters ranked first, second, but the two people in the season were not ideal, so they can finally get together.

Marin 6-4 Philadelphia

The victory of Marinfish is gradually increasing the game of Philadelphians. In the second half of the first bureau, Ernand’s home running Philadelres took the lead in score, 0-1; the fourth game, Luojas Anattal, O’Brien’s two-point guns help Marinfish Reverse, 2-1;

In the middle of the fifth game, Holedi’s second base is played back to Den, the martial arts will have 1 point, 3-1; the sixth game, and the point of O’Brien’s point of mind, Gao Fei sacrifice , After the back of the Benlinsen, Malin fish slowly pulled the score, 5-1; after the spending, the score came to 6-1;

In the second half of the seventh place, Crawford selection score passed by wilder, 6-2; the second half of the ninth bureau, Quinn’s security score came to 6-3, then the marin fish is off, 6-4; but final Philadelphians did not continue to score, the end of the game.


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