Restore Wei Shao Qi Qi full process! The reporter of the 怼 is not a matter of dissatisfaction. He tried to join hands card.

On December 2, Beijing time, the relationship between the Los Angeles Lakers and the media was relatively intriguing. In his NBA career, he was very obvious to the media’s doubts and disgust. Now before Luo Cheng Derby, Wei Shao and the US media reporter debated for 3 minutes, refused to answer the reporter about him to try to join hands to join hands to join hands to join hands to join hands to join hands to join hands Leonard’s question, but instead to question the “message source” of the other party.

At the media meeting, the argument between the Media Conference after the Lakers training on Friday, unexpectedly became very dramatic.

When Qi Shao was asked by THEATHLETIC reporter Olaham, Qi Shao has talked with Leonard to discuss the problem of joining the tradder, and said that ESPN’s Raymona-Shelburn was reported in August. .

So questions triggering the question of Wei Shao’s news report, the specific dialogue is as follows:

Oraham: Hey, Wei Shao, there is report that you may be interested in Leonard, I am just curious how you respond to it, and what you think from that moment, this story is what you do? .

Wei Shao: Who is reported?

Oraham: I think there are several different reports this summer, saying that you may have some conversations with Leonard.

Wei Shao: I know. You didn’t tell me who it was reported. If you can’t tell me, who is you getting from the source, then I can’t answer this question.

Olaham: What website is there?

Wei Shao: Yes. I want to know where you get the message source.

Oraham: I think there is a report from ESPN, there is also a report from other places, it has been there.

Wei Shao: I know. However, who is from


Olaham: Well. I do not have.

Wei Shao: Ah, then I can’t give you an answer. You can’t tell me, who did you get it, then I really don’t know.

Oraham: Isn’t that true?

Wei Shao: I ask where you get it, you can’t give me an answer, right? You have to find a different problem.

Olaham: It is a different problem.

Wei Shao: Ok, sorry, Bill.

Olaham: Is it true?

Wei Shao: Where did you get your problem? Who is your source of message?

Oraham: I am getting from reading about NBA.

Wei Shao: Ok, who is you getting there, do you know?

Oraham: They got it from the people talking to it.

Wei Shao: Who is that?

Oraham: As far as I know, it is you. is it you?

Wei Shao (laugh): I don’t talk to the media, I can’t be me.

Danwox (Los Angeles Times): Honestly, are you interested in playing with Leonard in Los Angeles?

Wei Shao said that he sat down and waited for people to call him, but “there is no answer, because it is related to this.” After a few minutes, Walker once again tried to ask this topic, triggering this time about the status of the journalism.

Wei Shao: You ask me a question according to the story written by others, but you don’t know where they get it, or you don’t know if it is true.

Walker: I will say that the relationship between athletes and reporters makes this embarrassment.

Wei Shao: I am talking to me. I don’t know what others are doing. I have no relationship with any media. They come to me, then say: Here, Wei Shao, I found your source source. That’s not what I did, now you know.

Reporter: I understand. As I said, I think this is what people talk for you, or talk around you, this is what happened.

Wei Shao: I don’t allow anyone to talk to me. “The sources said,” If you don’t hear my news, please don’t follow me. “

Kylegoon (scng): You think that the report is now coming out, let’s find if you ask if it is fair?

Wei Shao: You can ask. However, this is what you ask. This is the way you ask questions. Where did you get it. this is very important. How do you ask it, it is different, it is very straightforward. Bill asked
this question with a pile of nonsense. Just difference. You ask me very directly, “Do you know duhduhduh? simple. I can tell you “no”, or I can keep myself.

WOIKE: Say fairly, you didn’t really answer the original question.

Wei Shao: I didn’t, he didn’t answer me. So, if Bill doesn’t know where his question is coming, his source, then I don’t know anything.

Reporter: It is like it when we deal with the agent, this is where this is the place. This is like it.

The room is full of laughter.

Wei Shao: Important is that you have to know where your source is from. I know there are many sources. Ramona reported a story about Leonard, but I have never said to Raymona.

Wei Shao reiterated that if the reporter asked him what he heard, Wei Sha will ask who the source is who is.

Reporter: If Leonard is said?

Wei Shao: I doubt it.

Then Wei Xia laughed, everyone smiled.


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