Save Chinese Football: Exercise Chinese Football Association

Before I wrote before, save Chinese football: disband the Super League. This is a method, is there any other way?


Disband the Chinese Football Association!


As the highest power of Chinese football, the Chinese Football Association is in the nearly two or ten years, but the mice in the bellows, two heads. The ball fans, the national google assistant news settingsteam’s record is not as good for a year, and it is a beginning for the World Cup for 20 years ago. Who knows is a peak! Football practitioners, Super League, Zhongjia League, Chinese B league seems to be a red fire, especially the fire is strong, an epidemic impact, the Super League is almost stagnant, the team is frequent, and China is more ndtv bengali news deflated. Frequent. Leaders, money is not small, don’t do less, achievement?

In this case, it is better to dissipate the Foot Association!

There is no football soil, there is, but it is very poor, especially in the development of this society, the stress of the young people is so high, and the social competition is so fierce. As the football of the entertainment project, its survival soil is more detachable. . Therefore, in Chinese football, growing on this land, almost equivalent to planting times headlines food in the desert, can be harvested, can. But absolutely will not harvest.

What should we do without a harvest, we blame the seeds are not suitable, our people don’t want people, we can’t harmonize the harvesting, we monster pesticides are not suitable … but don’t look for the root cause .

What should I do if I am dissolving? www news18 com hindi news Then let the Chinese football have a desert free to grow.

Don’t pursue results in the past ten years, what national team results, Asian status, world rankings, Tong abandon, league is suspended, China no longer have professional players, everyone wants to play football free organization, take ten years, China Football can no longer come out.
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Let this desert freely, let the so-called football professionals are free to decide, not full, big breaks.


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