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On the afternoon of November 1, the meritorious people who have had a prominent contribution to Shaanxi football, because the lung cancer is deteriorating and unfortunately speaking with the world, 54 years old. The football person is painful, and the fans are also sad, and they have launched a mourning in a circle of friends.

Shangqing was born in Shenyang, Liaoning in 1967, has been selected for the national team, the national Youth team, the national two teams, although it is a Shenyang, but his career has a deep love with Shaanxi football. The player’s era, Shangqing effectively, the captain of Shaanxi and hindi news khabar served as the captain, helping the National Force completed the largest industry rushed into the A A league, helping Shaanxi professional football to the peak. After retiring, he served as the main coach and assistant coach in Shaanxi National Force.

Although Shaanxi national strength finally disbanded, Shangqing still local news tamil does not forget the hot soil of this football in Shaanxi. Later, the Changan Competitive Club picked up the banner of Shaanxi professional football. He always focused on the development of this team, supporting the “Northwest Wolf”. In 2018, Shang Qing and Zhao Changhong and others formed a coach group, coached Shaanxi Changan Competitive Club Daqin Water Football Team, with his help, the “Northwest Wolf” of the wind clouds came back, and many classic games are still unforgettable. . ?

As a player, Shangqing does not hesitate to make a physical strength, full of flying, helping the team to continue to win; as a coach, Shangqing craftsmanship, operation, lead the team to win; and in the green field, Shangqing is still A high-spirited football is honest. Also because of this, he has a high reputation in football circles. “Mr. Shang today head line news Qing has a lot of many professional football development in Shaanxi. He is not only a strong business ability, and it is also widely praised. Hearing his bad news with the world, the fans are very sad. At the end of the green field, he was in the green field. The look is still alive, and now … “Kexingping, the honorary president of the three major fans associations in Shaanxi Province, said.

Shangqing, his bones engraved with the brand of “Northwest Wolf”, he contributed to Shaanxi football, Shaanxi football people remembered in the heart. Changan Competitive Club has actively contact Mr. Shang Qing’s family, indicating that it will provide the help you can. The official WeChat public number of the club also expressed deep mourning to Mr. Shang Qing, and the most sincere care and mourning of his family. “We lost a real ‘northwest wolf’, imp news today a love of Shaanxi football. People. I hope that in another place, our friend who is never given away – Mr. Shang Qing can continue to enjoy the happiness of football. ” ?

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