Shanghai "Jinshan Cup" Youth Football Invitational End National Team debut

Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai September 28, “Dream, Green Yin, Saying Jinshan” 2021 Shanghai “Jinshan Cup” Youth Football Invitational Tournament ended on the 28th.

“Jinshan Cup” has been continuously held for five years, aimed at providing an opportunity to provide exchange improvement in the domestic youth team, promoting the development of Chinese youth football. This “Jinshan Cup” attracted 10 domestic high-level adolescent football teams. After six days in 23 games, Zhejiang team with four wins, a record daily news india level won the men’s title, a small country B team to four wins and one loss record runner-up, a small country A team of three wins and two losses to finish third. On the women’s group, the Shanghai Football Association U18 female foot was successfully closed by three win a flat record, and the U17 national women’s football and Shenhua upper body feet were divided into two, three.

In terms of personal awards, the Zhejiang team’s Ningfangze has won the best shooter in the men’s group, the best athlete and the best goalkeeper belong to the Zhejiang team, and the Safaiqiu. Won the best trainer of the men’s group; the best shooter of the Women’s Group was admitted to the Capital of the Guangdong U18 female football, the best player and the best goalkeeper were obtained by the Shanghai U18 women’s footstel Dai Xinyao and the U17 national aaj tak breaking news in hindi today women’s football Liu Chen. The best women’s football coach is the Shanghai U18 female football coach Huang Qiong.

The newly established U16 national men’s feet and U17 national women’s footsteps were first publicly unveiled on this event. U16 Men’s Football Associates more than 40 players into a balanced A, B team participating in the competition, with Zhejiang, Shandong Taishan, etc. .

Yang Chen said: “The Shu Mountain Cup” has been held, which gives us a very good platform platform. The quality of the game is also very competitive. Although the national team is slightly small, but ‘ Let us see the existence of the existence of itself, but also let us have clearly british airways customer care 24×7 delhi developed our training in the next stage. ”

This competition is directed by the Chinese Football Association, hosted by the People’s Government of Jinshan District, Shanghai, and jointly organized the Shanghai ibn7 today Football Association, Jinshan District Sports Bureau, Jinshan District Education Bureau. (over)
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