Substitute four-point guard Huate actually pass 405 yards! The jet specializes to reverse the tiger

The record of the record, the main four defense injuries, who can think of a career for the first time for the first time, four-point guards, 400-color, and team up the team of the United States? The New York Jet Mike Whitcheng created such a miracle, in the shouts of the audience, he passed 405 yards 3 times, led the team’s fourth quarter to reverse, defeating Tiger with 34-31 .

White replacement is the next week’s annual eye show this year’s eye show, and his performance also let him leave a name in the history of the team. It is necessary to know that the jet will have no four points after 2000. More than 400 yards, while Whitot has also become a four-point guard in the first time, second only to the 422 yards from the black Leopard of the black leopard.

Now there is a problem to the jet coach Robert Sarah, if Wilson returns, he still helped him as a first. It has to be said that Sarah has a certain public relations ability. He didn’t give an accurate answer and did not make a commitment to Wilson. However, he said that if Whitot is excellent in the next week, the team will face a major decision.

“We will observe every day, but everything is possible.” Sarah said, “But this alliance is a lot of magical things, otherwise there will be so many low-time quadrants suddenly take out Many people will get a chance; White is now facing this opportunity, and he has the whole world in front of him. He needs to take advantage of this opportunity. “

The 26-year-old White was a rookie of cowboy. He has been cut 5 times in his career. Before the game, the team was 11.5 points, and the victory has also created the third largest air door in the past 40 years. It is worth mentioning that Whitot did not have too much profound transmission, with a solid short pass, he 45 passed 37, with steady advancement leading the team.

After the opening, Whitot was completed 11 times, and the energetic force of the jet is injected. It has begun to shout his name in the second half, and he can’t believe it. “I have to listen to what they shouted,” White said, “Are they calling my name? This is too incredible.”

White is worth a spending for him, because in the absence of 20-31, White has completed 2 up to 2 consecutive, and passed to the running bathroom – Johnson and the near-end Thaler-Krafte. Of course, the last achievement also has the credit of the defensive group, and the defensive end of Squs Sak-Lawson turns on the passage of Bolo when he attacked the other side.

Interestingly, after the final reachable, the jet also staged the jet version of “Philadelphia Special”. White gave the ball to the outside Jie Mide Claude, and received the passage of the latter in the end area. “In that two seconds, I only have an idea – don’t take the ball to the ground.” White said.

The team attacked such a rebellion, and the offensive coordinator Mike Raffrell was not small. This week he chose a side-short pass to let the Mamark Defense Group surprised. “Raffer is called me six, saying that he wants to play a pass in the opening of the game.” White said, “He told me a substitute four-point guard, the opponent surely focused on the road attack, we will Balling the ball makes them caught off. “


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