Suzuki has promoted Japanese and cultural exchanges he once with Jordan’s magazine cover.

On March 21st, Japanese Legend Baseball Star Bell Tie announced the retirement, and this baseball commodity, the name of the famous gang hall, the official career officially declared the end.

Last year, Suzuki once leaving the game, but then recruited and participated in the competition. Before the start of this season, the sailor team also signed a small alliance contract with Suzuki. However, in the spring training camp and the warm-up match with the Japanese professional baseball team, Suzuki is poor, and it is difficult to have a bright performance in the offensive end. But as a 45-year-old, it is already very difficult to appear on the competitive big alliance.

Previously, we have reported that the 45-year-old Suzuki still maintains a good figure, in the quaternary training camp, the body test report shows that Suzuki’s body fat rate is only 7%. Among the big alliances, the player’s average sonarity rate was 10%. This makes many more young players ashamed. Suzuki 45-year-old age is only 6 years old than the sailor. Suzuki is more than 10 years older than many 35 years old.

Suzuki is a professional attitude makes other players

About Suzuki, the media and fans admired, is the professional training attitude and dedication. Among the majority media reports, we have detailed the training program that is not moving every day, and the love of the ball. This may be the reason why Suzuki is able to maintain a 28-year career state.

The competition of professional sports is quite cruel: In the NBA Alliance, we have witnessed Yao Ming’s front teammates Francise, we must know that Franis, who is born in 1977, is still a four-year-old, but the past “Ferre Boss “” The scenery is early.

Young Suzuki

Young Suzuki

Review the career of Suzuki, it is difficult for us to find Suzuki’s dissatisfaction with the teammates, coaches, or anyone, this is not associated with professional players to self-service and occupational attitude.

In the last battle with the Auckland sportsist, Suzuki did not meet the fans’ desire, and he could not hit the last remember in the game. But this does not affect his position in his fans. As a player in the history of professional baseball, Suzuki has become a god of baseball.

Not only the baseball player Suzuki is blending the beauty culture

Some people often compare Suzuki and the Japanese football players Sanyu Zhiliang, which represents the Japanese baseball
and the evergreen trees in Japanese football. In addition to the competitive level, we still can’t ignore the cultural blending of Suzuki. Like China’s Yao Ming, Suzuki passed the Japanese culture to the United States, let the kingdom far on the ocean, know more about his motherland. Today, the Suzuki is known as Japan’s “Baseball God” is not over.

Suzuki is a

Suzuki is a “Basketball God” Jordan Mount Magazine

As the first batch of Japanese players who fight to the American Baseball Great League, Suzuki, not only the individual’s superchard, but also shows a fresh Japanese image. This batch of players headed by Suzuki, promoted the reform of Japanese professional baseball. Although critics often think that the American professional baseball has enabled Japanese professional baseball to outstream, but in the continuous exchange of exchanges, Suzuki is also in the progress of the national professional baseball.

Perhaps as a particular fans of a team, we may be more likely to stay here stay here. However, from the development of the entire industry, go to a higher platform, make more exchanges, in-depth understanding of foreign cultures, will promote more opportunities for long-term, and greater progress.


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