Take advantage of it! "New York Post" satire Anthony: His 14 shot 3 led Knicks to defeat the Lakers!

Beijing time November 24th, the 2021-22 season NBA regular season fierce battle is orth. In today’s focus battle, the Lakers challenge the Knicks. In this competition, the Lakers fell passive from the beginning, they were mostly 25, although they panized in the second half, but finally 100: 106 losing the Knicks.

After the end of the game, the Lakers’ record became 9 wins and 10 losses, and the winning rate fell below 50% again. In this competition, a star attracted the attention of the media and fans, that is, the old Anthony. As we all know, Anthony has played a seventy season for the Knicks. When Anthony debuted in the first half, he was cheered and applause https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
from the scene. However, when the competition Anthony was free to punish the ball, the Knicks team fans who won the heart of the heart of the heart of the heart.

On the game, Anthony came 28 minutes, 14 times, only 3 hits, three-pointers 8 in 8, free throw 5 in 4, the total received 12 points https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com and 3 rebounds, the positive and negative value is -9, in the Lakers The second place, only the Tak of -18. Therefore, after the end of the game, the famous media “New York Post” released a name: “The Nicks team defeated the Lakers with the help of Anthony!”

In the text, “New York Post” wrote: “Although there is no James (forbidden to match) and Davis (sick, it is poor), and the Lakers is dreaming throughout the game. But if there is no Anthony 14, the Worse performance, the Lakers It is possible to win this victory today! “https://www.maillotbasket6.com

I have to say, whether it is the title or the text, it is very unfriendly of Anthony, and it is quite ironic.

What I have to say is that as a 37-year-old, Anthony’s performance is very undulating. He sometimes hits three-pointers to help the Lakers win, but more, his performance is https://www.maillotsbasketfr.comstruggling as the Lakers.

So far, Anthony has played 28.8 minutes, which can get 15.1 points 3.9 rebounds 0.8 assists, showing 45.6% of the shooting rate!


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