The American Tiger Tiezing 5 people tend out 30 million shipping space to show recruitment of Falls!

On Friday, the American Tiger has a residency, showing the determination of the Salary Space Saving San Nik-Falls.

Defensive cutah Malik Jackson is one of them, and he has three years left in the 6-year $ 85.5.5 million contract signed in 2016, but there is no guarantee amount.The American tiger can take 11 million US dollars, and 4 million US dollars become dead money.

Jihu has tried to trade Jackson, but the remaining huge wages persuade most teams.

Jackson’s performance is a bit worthy of salary, although the first two seasons are good (14.5 times, forcing the ball), but he only participated in the Jagua Six-Bian defense last season, and the final three games were small.On 30 files.He only completed 3.5 kills last season, the lowest since 2014.

In addition, the American tiger also cuts the running guard Carlos Hyde, Safety Wei Tagan Jene-Jeepson, right cut Jieme-Par Denal and long player cardson – Tindek.

Through these layoffs, the Jigu Province has a salary space of approximately $ 30 million.


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