The annual football of Shanghai citizens is officially "opening", there must be a "dish" and your appetite.

Although Tiangong is not beautiful, but this afternoon, the Putuo Sports Center is also a rugby fan in Shanghai – 2021 Shanghai City Amateur League Rugby League

The opening ceremony of the opening ceremony of the “Tongbu” football character challenge, which was held there. At the same time, it also announced that the Shanghai citizen annual football is “open”.

Putuo District This sahara india latest news today in hindi lively football party will be the epitome of this year’s football league. As a new league project of Shanghai City Amateur League, the Football League is included in the project settings, including four major projects of American football, waistball, British football, touch football, and set up regular season in the competition, the major, tournament. Three advanced competition sections, all items are branch, and two groups of youth groups. The League’s annual event will participate in the competition for the top of the project through the integration of the tie, throughout the regular season and the major selection annual points, in Shanghai, in Shanghai, the highest level of the highest level of domestic amateur football. In addition, the Yangtze River Delta International School Communication will also be included in the aaj tak breaking news today live football league system as a special event. The League will build a raising football enthusiasts suitable for different agriculture, different ages, different levels of football enthusiasts through rich project settings, and group football events with certain competitive levels.

Rugby is one of breaking news bhaskar the most influential sports projects in the world, and is also the most mature sports project in the development of the world sports industry. In recent years, under the support and promotion of Shanghai Sports Management, Shanghai Rugby movement, whether it is the scale of the event, competition level, or the number of participants and enthusiasts in rapid development, according to statistics, Shanghai currently has a rugby training institution Nearly 30, with more than 20,000 teenagers participated or registered with rugby events. Rugby gradually became a highlight of the Shanghai citizens and the highlight of mass sports, Shanghai’s rugby atmosphere and influence are also leading the country.

It is understood that only the Rugby Amateur League built by the Shanghai Rugby Association (hereinafter referred to as “Upgrade”) in these years, its segmentation events and projects have reached two digits. In addition, the world’s top level of rugby events have also become a fixed program of Shanghai citizens – Holding a number of Australian Rugby Super League Shanghai Station, attracting a lot of land and live in Shanghai foreigners, there are also numbers Thousands of Australian native fans bloated over the sea to Shanghai.

Of course, rugby can be recognized by the public, and also associated with the temperament of the city in Shanghai. Shanghai is the birthplace of Hai Pai culture, the intersection of Chinese and Western cultures, the city spirit of “Haina Baichuan, the pursuit of excellence, the antergeousity, and the wisdom”. The flash point of the football moved to move, has been seen in more and more Shanghai citizens.

“Orolism” hopes to organize the influence of rugby movement in the masses through 2021 Shanghai Urban Amateur League Rugby League, helping the football project in the provision of orderly development in Shanghai, driving the exchange of Chinese and foreign football culture, and play Shanghai Leadership in the development of rugby, take the lead in building bricks in Shanghai to build international sports events.

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Text Editor: Yao Qinyi

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