The ball is owed by layoffs, and the lightning is replaced.

The player is a “high-risk” player in all position players, and it is possible to face the risk of holding money. For example, kicking a 28-yard shot, forciting the suspense, the ram team playing the ball Sam – Philhece. The Los Angeles Lightning Team said in another way to say “we are not the same”, they announced on Tuesday that in order to alleviate the bad play, they cut off their handed Dru-Cas, and signed Tang Ni Jones.

Abandon the player? Drew Cas, I wake up, I have a huge pot, blame me!

In general, abandoning kickings In addition to completing the abandoning or kicking – for kicking the ball. And the newly signed Donney Jones, the newly signed, is the intimate part of their current player kick-St. Stegis. Yes, the flashing team wants to cooperate with more intimate and uninterrupted slabs to increase the hit rate of the play.

38-year-old Jones has been playing 15 seasons in NFL. In the past 5 years, he has played in Philadelphia Eagle, and the team won the superb bowl of the beginning of the year. He announced its retirement in February this year, but later was excluded in the retired list to find a job in another team.

Steges in 2015-2017 is in the eagle, in the three years of cooperation in the two, Stegis’s shooting mid rate is as high as 85%. After you left Jones, Stegis also lost some stars. He has already kicked two free kicks this season. More importantly, he has missed three additional points.

Lightning Team Consideration Anthony – Lin En is more comprehensive for the problem of playing the ball, “We must look at the whole process,” If he said, “not all players are poor, we need to observe All things, including Franchise, and long bulls. “

Obviously, the result of the coach team is the pot of the handball.

The problem of playing the ball is a historical problem for the Los Angeles flash. In 2017, 67% of the shooting hit rank column column of the total alliance, and five players used five players to deal with free kick, attached and kicking work. Among them, Dru-Carnar. The sixth round of this sixth round was greatly optimistic before the Shot of the flash was checked, but his performance did not expect.

The guideline is a match for the Los Angeles race, and he is blinded because of the long time of the game, and it has been sealed by the male queen. And that game they also swallowed with 23-35.

The Lightning Team offers Stegis a two-year $ 4.45 million contract. Stegis is not hoped, and in the competition of the preseason, the front pirate team played in the front pirate team. It seems that the flash is still very trusting him, and it has his favorite partner for him; if it is not good, Stegis is difficult to blame.

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