The defending champion red sock season next seat is urgent?88 million US dollar first round value is key

Written / Zhang Zihan

MLB defending champion Boston socks new season have been struggling, good news is the fireball pitcher Nessen-Jovaldi is about to return to the stadium.He has already landed in 25 people, and he has passed the last two months from the last two months.

“Jovaldi’s return will truly help us,” Boston Red Socks Total Coach Alex Cola said.”We need the first hair, simple and clear. His return made us all the round values, the five people’s health to the team’s record is critical.”

Previously, media predicted about Waldi will take the heavy responsibility of the terminator, “Dragon King” Craig – Golden Breil’s deserted red socks rang the alert.Fireball male Jam Valdi career two degrees of ligament transplant surgery

Now this winning hero will return to the first round value, which will determine the fate of Boston’s red hose this season.

New York Yangji once again recruits to buy horses, in exchange for Seattle heavy guns, Kannazi

New York Yangji once again recruits to buy horses, in exchange for Seattle heavy guns, Kannazi

The defending champion came to the decisive moment

Boston’s socks have come to decisive moments. After winning the union winning rate in Yesterday, Wang Mingninida double city, they were three-stroning, and the first New York Yangji was 5.5 games. According to the winning 54.1% winning rate to the end of the season, we have difficulty ensuring that the United States is unassay.

One of the partitioning opponents is a strong ray of the army. There is also a high-spirited ray. The red socks must be taken with the 2017 Winnabay, the second season of the defending champion, first a 33 win 34 defeated opening. The fans of the squid squid squid squid, and then pulverized a wave of 59 wins 34 defeated the god performance finally reached 92 winners.

MLB Menlian strength is serious, Yangji and the rays are killing to die for the north of the east district, but both sides have a team that basically holds an outer card. In other outer card players, Auckland sportsists are the biggest threat to Boston’s red socks from entering the playoffs. Texas ride cavalry and Cleveland Indians are also waiting for the same, and several teams have 90 wins.

The 2019 season can indeed describe the two words, first lost Joe – Kelly, then the Terminator of Jinbreier does not renew the team to make the team losing two people, the original pride is currently only JD-Martin Ness maintains last season level, the United Unitednly MVP Muqi-Bates 2% 66 hits and last season, the hitting rate of Little Bradley is immediately going to the Dove, this is not It is difficult to explain why red socks are the third place in Mina East.

Recognizing the real world of red socks this season: The defeat of the season’s record must be a diverse issue, but the round value lineup is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for their troubles now.

88 million US dollar first round value

Boston’s red socks have spent $ 88 million for the first round value this year: ace Zuo Keris Serb, Saiyang Name David – Ples, Saoyan Rick Posol, E-Rod Edward – Luo Drigs also has just returned NNASTON JALDI. The reddock team spent too much money in the first round value for no money to leave one of the golden Breil or Kelly.

The state of cowshed pitcher is actually not much decline. The expensive first round value lost too many games. Last year, they won 68 wins and 38, and now 21 wins and 24 defeat are indeed a bit.

Because the Boston’s red sock pitcher occasionally occasionally reveals the hidden dangers, the team limits the number of the first pitcher during the Spring training. Red socks hope they can get more rest to prepare a new season’s full-year pitching mission. Chris Selber only played the 9th game, this is half of his average workload before his pre-training. At the same time, the risk of red socks is to endanger the first two months of the new season, but as pithers gradually increase the arm forces, they can maintain strong during the season and key playoffs.

It can be said that Boston’s red socks are playing very well on defending, but people are not as good as the day, Jovaldi’s elbow is directly disrupted. Extor – Vilacz instead of Jovaldi first seven times to eat 19 and 2/3 bureaus, as a result, he only got 1 winning investment, each time his first hair is accompanied by half the rescue pitcher .

“If a first firman is not there, the team can withstand this point,” said the total coach Coulach in the red socks said in an interview. “But if there is one or two pitks on your array, you really need long tricks. Brian Johnson contributed great to us last year, and now Vickers is a role.”

Ace pitcher slowly retrieved

Losing a first-forward pitcher is that every team must expect before the season, in the past five years, only the 2016 season of the bear and blue bird let them first send 28 games. Full health is an abnormal phenomenon, and the team will not expect this perfect state. Joaldi misses the seven consecutive hair or love, after all, now I just arrived at the time of red socks.

The largest mystery in the unsuccessful round-value lineup is the team ace pitcher Chris Sel, he is 3-7 this season, although the self-blade is 3.49 Sanzhen kilometers, but his performance and last year There is a bird. Sel is currently 93.2 mph this season, the speed of 93.2 mi / h, and the 95.2 mile / hr in last year has never been two times, but he has improved 92.6 than the four-May.

Sel's feature is to make a strange strange investment + no solution

Sel’s feature is to make a strange strange investment + no solution

The ball speed is only the one aspect of the trunk, and his spherical decline is more obvious, especially in the ball, too much use of the proposal, causing the opponent to find out his key ball handling strategy is the biggest problem. He did not escape the responsibility or to find an excuse, but amend the ball strategy. In the last three games, he also made a high quality first, and the speed of the ball is getting faster.

As for the cowshed of the team, Golden Bundell and Kelly, the two helped the socks to eat 128 games, they are very important for any team. But Boston’s red socks need now a better Sel, Ples and Jovaldi back to the right track, Posolo can vibrately reduce the delivery of E-Rod Rodrigs to fulfill some talents.

There is a saying in the baseball world, how to evaluate a good and bad “player will tell you”. Boston’s red sock pitcher controls the opponent offensive index below 70%. This year they ranked ninth, the opponent offensive index was 70% 25.

The defending champion Boston red socks are slowly out of the downturn, they have suffered a bad record for another month. For them, with Jewovi’s return, they already have capital of the Menlian Season Place: They are healthy $ 88 million.


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