The first giant of the regular season is very satisfied with the coach Caprigle got two years of renewal contract

Last season regular season champion San Francisco giants announced that the coach Jedi-Capre contingency, the two sides will hand in hand to the end of 2024, and the contract specific rules have not been reported.

At the end of the 2019 season, the giants signed a three-year contract, and ambiguated Kapor, who was unusing in Philadelphians, made him a team of team 39th. At that time, the giant’s meritorious coach Bruce – Boqi just retired. After Kapler arrived, the big knife was reorganized, and the 2020 season, his giant has achieved 29 wins and 31 points, and it is not far from the season. The 2022 season is the last one of the Capria Year, now he has got two years of opportunities.

Capria’s team score this year is unexpected, not only in the strong Dodge and priests, the partition leader, but also won the 107th wins of the broken team history, live and live 106 wins “gas” Card.

“In the past two seasons, Kapa as the team’s coach, the performance is very good, https://www.mlbboutique2.comit is the biggest hero that the team uniform group can achieve such success”, the master’s operator’s president Falhan – Zai Di said, “His Work ability and leadership is the key to success, and next season, our most important thing is to maintain this stability, I am excited about today’s official.

“I am honored to continue working for the giant team, I am very grateful to this opportunity to further” in the past two years “, Kapa said,” There is no better than the giant, I will continue next season. Giant works forward. “

The 46-year-old preconditioner has just selected the final list of the Best of the Best of the Kingdom, and the Wildener’s Cleg-Corgi-Corgit, which was a winemaker with a winemaker. The final winner will After a few days later.

At the two seasons coached at the giant, Kapa got 136 wins and 86 negative (.613) records, and in the Four-year in Philadelphie, the Grandfinder’s transcripts were 297 wins 249 negative (.544).


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