The first moves refused to attend the opening game of the loss of millions of dollars a week.

US local time on Saturday is Le Weiang – Bell return to the team’s deadline, but the Pittsburgh Steelers management and teammates left to wait, Bell still do not see the figure before the sun goes down, which means they have to participate in the first week of NFL games in the absence of the Bell case.

According to several media reports, the Steelers went to the bus has left Pittsburgh to Cleveland, and Bell will lose about $ 855,000 in the first week. Second-year running back James – Conner will replace Bell as the starting running back, Jay – Samuels and Stephen Wan – Reedley on standby at the bench.

2017 season, after the Steelers for $ 12.1 million franchise tag will be forced to leave Bell again this year to give him the franchise tag posts, he will get $ 14.45 million. The thought that Bell will sign a contract in the offseason and returned to the team, but until this week, Bell have been no trace. Last season the Steelers gave Bell has prepared a two-year 30 million contract, if the compromise was signed, then Bell will earn $ 4.0 million. In fact, the players are from Cork – who learned Cousins ??experience, and my heart has a benchmark that would rather have been labeled franchise tag per year, than in a decent contract does not play.

A source told ESPN reporter Jeremy – Fowler, said that Bell has not decided when to show up, he re-consider their own situation every day, but there is no clear plan. Bell always wanted a big contract this offseason had let it be “if they are checked again privileged to stay strong, then he would consider the absence of a new season,” he now said so, did.

Steelers players emperor to abdicate very offensive behavior, in the entire history of the Steelers team, they have been worried about the emperor to abdicate team players to create a precedent. Historically there have been two players to do so, after these players have left, it is a linebacker Mike – Melilla Weatherby was traded, and the other is running back Flacco – Harris dismissed. Bell also is this offseason was the Steelers franchise tag affixed to worry again, he spent the summer trying to get a decent contract, when the last contract period expires July 15 but not yet in franchise Bell contract when signing, we all thought that Bell will be the same as before, missed training camp and missed the preseason, but people did not think that the club is now referred to the tense relationship with Bell, Bell not even participated in the regular season do not.

Bell’s agent said he was the first running back in the league hands willing away team for a long period of time, he did not want braved the risk of injury to complete a season without advancing more than 400 security situation. Regardless, Bell needs to sign a contract before 10 weeks, in order to become a free agent in 2019. We still do not know when Bell back on the court, he is now almost $ 1 million a week to earn less, while the Steelers have to face enormous difficulties attack, now Bell intends to prove himself this way really worth .

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