The giant hosted 13-34 lost to the eagle defending champion

Perhaps because the venue is slippery, the two teams show some confusion after the start of the game. The giant team’s first attack, their four-point Wei Yilai Manning came out of the copy. This copy will directly let the Eagle initiate attack from the red area of ??the giant team. The competition began to start 2 minutes, the eagle queue four points, Kakanson – Wenz passed the ball to take over Al Shawne – Jeffrey to take the reachable, 7: 0. And the old eagle was rebounded by the first half of the tweet, and got a good location from the giant team. Running Guili – Clemet a few degrees of defending the giant team, and finally took a decline in the first quarter. The giant team’s election will be a quite outstanding, and the personal ability is extremely strong, and the personal ability of the eagle is extremely strong. However, the Giant team will give the ball to Barkley. They are just a number of free kicks in the first quarter and the second section, 14: 6. Compared with the red area efficiency of the giant team, the Eagle team hit a red zone 4 minutes before the end of the half. The eagle quad-saving sanson-Wenz only used a pass in the giant team, and found a close-end Duan Zuk-Erz to get the arrival, 21:6. And the old eagle hit a free kick in 1 minute before the end of the half, continued to expand the score, 24:6.


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